Brutal moment Sergey Vorobiev KO's sparring partner who taunts him without wearing headgear

THIS IS the brutal moment Russian boxer Sergey Vorobiev knocked out his sparring partner for taunting him and not wearing headgear.

The super-welterweight tasted defeat for the first time in his career at the start of 2020.

But the 26-year-old has bounced back in stunning fashion with four straight victories.

His current record stands at 12-1.

Vorobiev was busy getting ready for his most recent fight against Dzmitry Atrokhau when the above incident occurred.

His unorthodox sparring partner had opted not to wear protective headgear to share a ring with the promising star.

It was midway through the first round that he decided to drop his hands.

He then squared up to Vorobiev and taunted him by roaring straight into his face.

The Russian did not take kindly to this and responded in furious fashion.

He unleashed a combo of hooks before delivering a huge left hand.


That sent his partner toppling backwards and down to the canvas.

His foe looked to be out completely cold as Vorobiev gestured for his coach to take out his mouth guard.

Vorobiev waited until this week to post the footage on to his Instagram with the simple caption: “Protect yourself at all times.”

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