Brits react to finding out the bow on knickers is not just for decoration

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For many years you may have looked at underwear in a shop or your wardrobe and wondered why do many pairs have a tiny little bow on the front at the waistband.

While most of us don’t spend much time thinking about it, those little bows are so common and are on knickers from hundreds of retailers.

And, it can seem a bit odd that adult women’s underwear has a bow on it that makes us think of the vests we wore in primary school.

So why are they there?

Well, according to Reddit, there are a number of reasons – and Brits were surprised to discover them.

Posting on the social media site, a person asked: “Why do so many panties have that little bow on the centre front? Where did the tradition come from?"

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And, in response, another noted: "As for the roots of the tradition? It comes from pre-elastic days, when your underthings were held in place by a bit of ribbon threaded through the eyelet lace at the tops.

“The little bow is where you tied that ribbon, and of course it's in the front because that's the easiest place to do something like that."

So, historically we would have tied the bow to keep our pants from falling down.

And, according to Tyla, there’s another reason behind the bow.

It seems that before electricity, women would often have to get up before dawn and dress in the dark or by candlelight.

And, it seems that many still use it for that reason.

On Facebook, one person commented: "It helps you to realize what way they go on," while another noted: "I like the bow it tells me got them on the right way have put them on inside out before now."

Others were surprised by the idea, on Reddit someone said: "This is very interesting." and another noted: "Holy s*it, that's an awesome answer."

A jokester added that they thought the bow was there because "I'm a present".

But, not everyone was a fan of the bow, one woman commented: "I've always found them a little pointless and annoying, rather than cute. Kind of like those packs of panties that come in nude, white, and black when you never want to wear the white ones."

Another added: "Every time I'm trying to find underwear to wear under something fitted that will show shapes, all I can find is underwear with little bows that I wasn't even aware of that will make an awkward little bump just above my lady parts."

And, a third noted: "Yeah, I don't get "cute" a lot. Why is a bow cute? Is it cute in the same way puppies are cute? Why do you want your crotch area to be cute? I want my crotch area to be warm and dry, primarily."

And, a bloke questioned whether men's underwear had any similar historical aspects.

He said: "Did male underwear also have a bow?"

Someone replied: "What male underwear? Until very recently, men's fashions were designed to be worn commando, or with strange buttoned onesie type underclothes."

And, another said: "They did in the middle ages, although not always — sometimes they were just fastened with a belt instead."

A third added: "They used to have buttons.

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