Brit slams Pizza Express over dry and sad £10 takeaway Caesar salad

Brits have slammed family restaurant Pizza Express after a diner shared a snap of their £9.75 takeaway salad.

The foodie posted the photo in the CasualUK Reddit group where fellow social media users shared their disappointment.

In the image, a cardboard container sits open with a mix of lettuce and rocket leaves, four or five pieces of chicken and croutons.

Caesar salad usually also has a dressing of lemon juice, olive oil, egg, Worcestershire sauce, anchovies, garlic, Dijon mustard, Parmesan cheese, and black pepper.

The poster said: “£9.75 for a 'grand' Caesar salad from pizza express. Never again.”

And, it looks like over 2,300 people agree with their assessment and gave her a like.

In the comments, 250 Reddit users shared their thoughts on the tiny salad.

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One person said: “A salad is never ‘worth’ £10 but it being all soggy and sad looking in a box really hammers that home.”

To which someone replied: “I would contest the statement that a salad is never worth £10. A good salad can be a complete meal.

“But this is not a good salad.”

“Looks like a £1 salad to me,” added another while a fourth said: “That just looks dry and sad.”

But, some people argued that they had made a bad decision when ordering.

One commenter wrote: “When ordering at a pizza restaurant, order pizza.”

“When you are in a pizza express with a couple of drinks in you socialising with friends… You don't order a salad, you order a pizza,” added another.

While a third commented: “Pizza Express is a restaurant not a takeaway.”

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And, a former Pizza Express employee noted: “As an ex-Pizza Express employee. Don't have anything other than the pizza.”

Another staff member wrote: “As an ex-employee from Pizza Express I can confirm this is not how it should be. At least when I worked there.”

Plus, a chef said: “I used to be a senior pizzaiolo, and honestly I'd still eat Pizza Express food, which must say something good about it!

“I used to make amazing salads (if I do say so myself) – this one in the picture is clearly not to standard, and should never have left the kitchen.”

Daily Star contacted Pizza Express for comment.

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