Bride rocks see-through wedding dress – but haters say ‘have some class’

A bride sparked debate online when she wore a see-through wedding dress that barely covered her private parts.

Ashley Raso, from Australia, always wanted to design a dream dress for her big day.

So she was over the moon when the vision came to life.

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But not everyone was impressed by the sheer floor-length gown, which was branded distasteful by some.

Ashley defended herself though – sharing a fitting video on TikTok with the caption: "You wore a see-through dress to teach your future daughter to be fearless."

The floor-length gown is comprised of shimmery lace with a bandeau band wrapped around the breasts.

Its fabric is so transparent that Ashley's thong underwear pokes through.

But the TikToker isn't daunted by the potential to bare all.

She thanked her wedding dress designers online, commenting: "My future daughter will thank you one day for allowing her mum to be fearless and take risks that make her happy.

"I have had a passion for design and fashion for all of my life – and so when I went to Danny and Isabelle with a bold vision to make a see-through wedding dress, the ultimate fashion statement, they were instantly thrilled and on board."

Some viewers think it's inappropriate to wear the dress because it's too revealing.

One said: "Maybe an after-party dress, but walking like this next to your family on your special day. It's a little too much."

"This isn’t teaching your daughter to be ‘fearless’…… have some class or elegance on your wedding day," a second shamed her.

A third tried to call out her intention and said: "Just wear the dress, no need to pretend like it’s for a daughter."

On the other hand, some fans said it's an absolutely gorgeous dress.

A fan said: "Fearless of all the lame comments from haters. It's her day, her dress, her life, people!"

And another agreed: "Absolutely obsessed! Love love love."


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