Brexit Britain ‘to lead Europe’ with new revolutionary project: ‘Tipping point has come’

Electric vehicle infrastructure is vital for transition says expert

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The Prime Minister made a speech on Monday morning at the CBI annual conference. He outlined how the UK can lead the world in transformation away from burning fossil fuels. Mr Johnson announced new legislation that will see hundreds of thousands of extra electric vehicle charge points in the UK.

He told the audience: “If this country can achieve the same kind of geographical balance and dispersion of growth that you find in most of our economic comparators, there would be no stopping us.

“We can become the biggest and most successful economy in Europe.

“Today, fate has handed us an opportunity to do that.

“When the Industrial Revolution began 250 years ago, it was British industry that had first-mover advantage.

“Fo 150 years we have maintained that pace, right up to the start of the 20th century we were producing more coal, smelting more iron, building more ships and machines than virtually any other country on Earth.”

Mr Johnson said the UK is “on the brink of another revolution”.

He then referenced his plan for a “green industrial revolution,” which he first set out almost exactly a year ago.

The Government announced on November 18, 2020, its “Ten Point Plan” to make the UK a “science superpower” after Brexit.

Mr Johnson believes electric vehicles will play a key part.

He explained: “Today I want to tell you and the CBI how Britain is going to win in this revolution – providing we act now.

“When I tried as Mayor of London to get motorists to go electric we put charging points across the city and I must admit they were not a soaring success.

“But 10 years later and the tipping point has come.

“The UK’s sales of electric vehicles are now increasing at 70 percent a year.”

The sale of new petrol and diesel cars will be banned in 2030.

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And Mr Johnson has made an announcement to ease the transition.

New homes and buildings such as supermarkets and workplaces, as well as those undergoing major renovation, will be required to install electric vehicle charge points from next year, under new legislation.

Up to 145,000 extra charge points will be installed across England each year thanks to these regulations

With the majority of charging happening at home, this will mean people can buy new properties already ready for an electric vehicle future, while ensuring charge points are readily available at new shops and workplaces across the UK – making it as easy as refuelling a petrol or diesel car today.

As well as new homes and non-residential buildings, those undergoing largescale renovations which leaves them with over 10 parking spaces will be required to install electric vehicle charge points.

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