Bottega Veneta Takes on Detroit for "Salon 03" SS22

Daniel Lee‘s Bottega Veneta has debuted “Salon 03,” its Spring/Summer 2022 collection that’s been presented alongside the launch of Bottega Firehouse in Detroit. Collaborating with Detroit’s creatives, Bottega Veneta has created a space that honors the cultural influence of the state, presenting a record store by Underground Music Academy, a reading room by Asmaa Walton, design works by Chris Schanck and Aratani Fay, textiles by Substudio, furnishings by Donut Shop, ceramics by Hamtramck Ceramck, relief sculptures by Sophie Eisner and a selection of printed matter curated by Ruben Cardenas.

As for “Salon 03,” the collection feels like a natural progression from its previous ready-to-wear collections. Like the “Salon 02” presentation that — rather controversially — took over Berlin’s Berghain nightclub, a star-studded guest list only made the occasion grander. Mary J. Blige was seen wearing this season’s signature coat, Lil Kim was decked in fluffy takes on the label’s Mount bag and a pair of pump heels, while Slowthai adorned a full blacked-out BV fit.

SS22 showcases Lee at his best. It’s loud, fun, technical, but quintessentially Bottega with plenty of the brand’s signature “Kelly Green” hue appearing as per usual. As the show notes explain, “There is momentum to the collection. It comes from a place of progress. It speaks to a joyful future. American sportswear and workwear is seen through a contemporary, high-performance daywear lens. A sense of individualism and freedom is expressed. A celebration of industry, engineering and revolution runs throughout in the form of metal yarn. A focus on technicality and function, meets modern, liberated glamour. The manipulation and exaggeration of construction and volume is important.”

Putting this into practice, we find a standout one-piece menswear look that’s crafted from metallic silver fabric that’s woven with metal so that the shapes of the garment can be manipulated and altered both before and during the wear, as well as an all-green ensemble comprising a knitted jacket, a matching recycled nylon two-piece, and a new pair of knit trainers that match the pale green look.

“Kelly Green” has been used throughout the ’80s acid house rave-like two-piece look that’s made up of a four-pocket workwear jacket and baggy trousers, while Detroit’s workwear influences also inspire a matte gray jacket that’s fitted with pullies and an exaggerated hood that makes it look like the ultimate version of a hazmat coat.

Plenty more looks and shots of the fashion show’s crowd can be seen above, while more can be found online.

In case you missed it, check out Vetement’s limited “OXPAHA” collection.
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