Boris Johnson frustrated with scientific advisers over Covid vaccine delay for kids aged 12 to 15

THE PM is growing frustrated with scientific advisers for not yet clearing jabs for kids aged 12 to 15.

Boris Johnson is keen to “crack on” with rolling out the shot to all teens.

But experts have vowed not to be “bounced” into approval until they have considered all the evidence.

And they could even recommend only the clinically vulnerable need a top-up jab.

The Joint Committee on Vaccinations and Immunisation (JCVI) has not approved third jabs for everyone.

It means they will not get in arms until mid-September — despite NHS plans to start giving an extra dose to all over-50s from September 6. The PM fears falling behind other countries.

Israel, which led the world in the first wave of vaccinations, is giving booster jabs to everyone in a bid to ward off a winter wave.

Nine European countries including Germany, France, Austria, and Belgium have also unveiled plans to roll out booster jabs.

But using a third shot has still not been recommended by the EU’s medical agency.

A Government spokesman said: “Any booster programme will be based on the final advice of the JCVI.”

A senior source said: “One small organisation is hindering the entire vaccination programme. We’re at risk of losing the gains we’ve made.
Spain, Belgium, France and Portugal have double-jabbed a higher proportion of their populations than us.

A source said: “JCVI is very much towards the end of the pack in making this decision. You want to be going into autumn having done everything you could.”

The Pfizer jab, used to vaccinate children, has been linked to some side effects including heart inflammation.

But a Bristol University study showed adverse reactions in the 12-15 age group are mostly mild or moderate.

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