Bobby Brown Reflects on Tragic Deaths of Son, Bobbi and Whitney on Red Table Talk

“My babies are gone,” said Brown, “I know that my time played a part in my son feeling he could test something and I feel guilty about that.”

Bobby Brown is speaking out about the deaths of his daughter Bobbi Kristina, ex-wife Whitney Houston and son Bobby Jr.

During a wide-ranging discussion on Wednesday’s new episode of “Red Table Talk,” Brown opened up about drugs affected himself and his family and who he feels is truly responsible for the tragedies around him.

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In 2012, Whitney was found in a bathtub with cocaine in her system. Three years later, in January 2015, Bobbi was also found in a bathtub. She died in July at the age of 22, after six months in a medically-induced coma. An autopsy report revealed Bobbi died due to “immersion of face in water complicating mixed drug intoxication.” Several drugs were found in her system, including marijuana, morphine and cocaine.

While at the table alongside Jada Pinkett Smith, Willow Smith and Adrienne Banfield-Norris (aka Gammy,) Bobby said he believes that Bobbi’s former boyfriend, Nick Gordon, is not only to blame for Bobbi’s death but Whitney’s as well.

When Bobbi was seven, Whitney took in Nick, who was 12 at the time. Following Whitney’s death, Bobbi and Nick started dating and later became engaged. The two had a toxic and allegedly abusive relationship. A judge ruled in 2016 that Nick was legally responsible for Bobbi’s death. (Nick died in January 2020 from a heroin overdose.)

“He basically controlled her to the point where her life was taken,” Bobby said — adding that he thinks there was “definitely” foul play involved in his daughter’s death.

“Like maybe he drugged her?” Willow asked, to which Bobby replied, “Definitely.”

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“He was the only one there with both situations with my ex-wife and with my daughter and they both died the same way,” Bobby added, as Gam looked noticeably shocked. “So you think he killed Whitney as well?” Willow prodded, to which Bobby said, “I believe so.”

Gam pressed further, asking Bobby whether he believes Nick provided both Bobbi and Whitney with the drugs.

“Yeah I think … this is my opinion of who I think this young man was,” Bobby said. “Being around my daughter and being around my ex-wife, I think he was more so of a provider of ‘party favors.'”

“Did you ever have a chance to confront that young man?” Jada asked, to which Bobby replied, “No, no I didn’t. In fact, before his death, I was in rehab at the time when he passed. I had planned on once I left rehab to approach the young man just to find out how my daughter was in the last days, but no I never got a chance to find out from him or talk to him.”

Bobby admitted that he didn’t see any signs of domestic violence in Bobbi and Nick’s relationship.

“I wasn’t told about it. Other people might have saw that were around her, but I didn’t see it and she didn’t tell me anything,” he said, noting that he didn’t find out about the alleged abuse until after Bobbi died. “That was the hard part. I don’t know why I didn’t see it but we hadn’t been spending as much time together after her mother’s death that we should’ve spent.”

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However, Bobby said he and his daughter became “closer and closer” in the few months leading to her death.

“She had a plane ticket and everything ready to come stay with me,” he recalled. “It was just a matter of two days before she would have been on a flight — two days before this all happened. If I could just get those two days back you know she’d still be here because I would have found out what was going on to do something about it.”

He continued, “It was rough and it still is rough and I think about it every day. I’m filled with — how do I say it? — like it’s pushed down. I’m keeping it away from me as much as possible because I couldn’t do nothing then and I can’t do nothing now.”

Bobby went on to open up about his marriage to Whitney, with Jada describing their relationship as “abusive” and “volatile.” Bobby and Whitney divorced in 2007 after 14 years of marriage.

“The violence that … occurred was using, you know, that’s violence in itself,” Bobby recalled. “That’s abuse. And we abused drugs and alcohol.”

“We fought hard verbally and we loved even harder,” he continued, adding that verbal abuse, in particular, can get “really, really messy.” Bobby said that while their “love was strong” and was “always there,” they “struggled really hard as a couple to get clean.”

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“I got clean a long time before she did. We were already divorced,” he explained. “She was a strong woman. She was fighting really hard to save her own life. I had strength enough for myself at that time. Being an addict, I had to save myself in order to be able to save someone else I had to save myself first. Unfortunately, we grew apart while I was trying to find myself.”

When asked what his past self would say to Whitney now, Bobby said, “She’s definitely missed in my heart and in my spirit. She was my friend. She was the mother of my child. One of the greatest entertainers that I’ve ever met. One of the greatest singers, one of the greatest voices the world has ever bared witness to.”

Bobby also spoke to the table about the most recent tragedy in his life: the death of his son, Bobby Brown Jr., which Bobby described as “very, very unexpected.”

Brown Jr. died at the age of 28 last November. Alcohol, cocaine and fentanyl were found in his system, TMZ reported back in March.

“We were just in the studio two nights before,” Bobby recalled. “It was something that hit me really, really hard.”

However, Bobby stressed that his son didn’t abuse drugs.

“Let me make it clear. He wasn’t a user,” he said of his son. “He would experiment with different things. It wasn’t like he was dependent on drugs like when I was in my situation I depended [on it]. I needed it. He was a young man that tried the wrong stuff and it took him out of here.”

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The table then discussed the alarming rise of accidental drug-related deaths caused by fentanyl.

“Kids today, they’re trying different things,” Bobby said. “They’re trying to get as high as they can possibly get. That’s a real problem, because they don’t know what these drugs are being mixed with these days.”

“So many deaths specifically with fentanyl,” Willow said. “My generation is kind of spiraling.”

Bobby added, “There [are] murderers out there right now that are creating these synthetic drugs that are killing these kids. It’s like they’re committing murder. That’s homicide.”

Bobby told the table that the investigation of his son’s death is ongoing and he has his “fingers and toes crossed” that they will find out who is responsible.

“But my babies are gone,” Bobby said. “I’ve been through my time and I know that my time played a part in my son feeling he could test something and I feel guilty about that.”

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As for Bobby, he said he’s been sober from narcotics for over 18 years and a year from alcohol. He said his time in prison was his “rock bottom” and where he ultimately got clean from drugs. Bobby served 60 days in prison for a DUI in 2000.

Brown said he decided to cut out alcohol after his body was “giving out” on him and “shutting down,” noting that he was even losing bodily functions.

“I wasn’t getting drunk anymore,” he recalled. “I needed it to stop the shakes, to function on a day-to-day basis. For me, it wasn’t recreational. I had to do it.”

Bobby said his wife, Alicia, told him, “You got to go do something” — adding that his kids were “looking at him strange,” seeing their father losing his bodily functions in front of him. Bobby has seven children: Landon, 35, La’Princia, 31, Cassius, 11, Bodhi, 5, and Hendrix, 4, as well as Bobbi and Bobby Brown Jr.

“I couldn’t accept that. I said to myself, “No, I have to stop this,'” he recalled of his alcohol addiction, later adding that he followed the 12-step program.

Bobby said addiction is a “generational disease” in his family, noting that he came to the realization that he needed to “break the cycle” for the sake of his younger children.

Toward the end of the episode, Bobby’s wife Alicia joined the table.

“She gives me the energy to want to live right,” Bobby said of his other half, to whom he’s been married for nearly 10 years. “If I kept living in the past about what I had done in my previous relationship, I couldn’t see the sunshine from where I was standing. But now, I’m able to deal with everything that I had in my past and look forward to the future knowing that I have somebody standing strong and no matter what, she’s there.”

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Bobby and Alicia shared how the family has been handling Bobby Jr.’s death, with Bobby noting that it’s been particularly “rough” on his 11-year-old son Cassius.

As for Bobbi Kristina, Alicia said she and Bobby were able to create a “beautiful connection” with her before her death. Alicia added that Bobbi’s grief over Whitney’s death was “taking over her life.”

“She was not being herself in any facet with her career and with her family and the relationship she was in. And this person was controlling her a great deal,” Alicia said, echoing Bobby’s earlier comment about Nick. “She was lost without her mother,” she added.

Bobby and Alicia went on to explain how they work on “breaking” the “generational cycle” together.

“I believed in him. I still believe in him,” Alicia said. “It’s not easy. It’s not easy waiting, but you do have to trust the journey that’s what I do.”

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