Bizarre cat litter trick that creates portable toilet for camping hols for under £10

CAMPING saw a surge in popularity this summer, as Brits swapped their summer abroad for a staycation in nature.

Seasoned campers have had plenty of advice for newbies, but among the most bizarre has to be the suggestion for a DIY toilet using cat litter.

According to the Express, a Facebook user called Lou Be asked experienced campers to share the things that make the experience more comfortable.

A man called John Kelly replied: "Folding toilet, looks like folding chair, but you put a bin liner in it and cat litter… works a treat.

"I've got two young daughters who always seem to get up in the night for a wee. So we put this in the spare bedroom of the tent.”

John isn't alone though. A post on Mumsnet revealed that other families use the same trick, with some eco-friendly mums using wood shaving-type cat litter and then taking their business home to dump on the compost heap.

There are plenty of helpful guides on the internet, showing people how to make their own portable toilets, which bin liners, kitty litter, a five-gallon bucket and a toilet seat.

Or, there is purpose built 'Bog In A Bag' for those who don't fancy a trip to the pet store.

The product comes with a portable stool with a hole in the middle, into which the user places a specially designed degradable bag containing super absorbent "magic crystals".

Sun Online previously revealed that online pharmacies were selling pocket-sized portable, handheld toilets that men, women and children could use in the car.

The TravelJohn – or TravelJane for women – uses technology and chemicals developed for soldiers during far flung missions.

Cops also use them on overnight stake-outs – and it is now being marketed at long distance drivers who have a habit of getting caught short.

The TravelJohn is made of strong plastic, that is puncture resistant and contains a revolutionary Liqsorb polymer pouch.

The chemical solidifies body waste liquids instantly into a leak-proof, odourless, spill-proof gel that is non-toxic and safe for disposal in any bin.

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