Bird flu infects British worker in chilling case – Health Agency speaks out

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The UK Health Security Agency (UKHSA) confirmed the human case of avian influenza this afternoon. UKHSA said the person had been in close contact with infected birds and there was no evidence of onward transmission.

Bird flu spreads from bird to bird by direct contact or through contaminated body fluids and faeces. 

But in rare cases it can affect humans. 

The UKHSA said: “The person acquired the infection from very close, regular contact with a large number of infected birds, which they kept in and around their home over a prolonged period of time.

“All contacts of the individual, including those who visited the premises, have been traced and there is no evidence of onward spread of the infection to anyone else.

“The individual is currently well and self-isolating. The risk to the wider public from avian flu continues to be very low.”

The UKHSA said the risk to the wider public from bird flu continues to be very low but said people should not touch sick or dead birds.

It comes after an estimated one million birds were culled to stop the spread of bird flu in Lincolnshire.


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