Billie Eilish steps up security after seeing popularity grow at staggering rate

Becoming one of the world’s biggest pop stars is a bit of a bummer for Billie Eilish.

After winning Grammy and Brit awards, the US star recently landed her first UK No1 with new James Bond theme, No Time To Die.

However, such popularity means she has had to up security after fears for her safety.

Ahead of her UK arena tour Billie opened up: “I used to do shows and just like walk off stage into the audience and just meet everyone.

“I can’t do that anymore…it does make it harder to be as connected to them as I want to be.

"As much as there are amazing precious fans who just want you to be happy, there are also people who are crazy, not even fans, people out there who want to grab you and get you.

"That’s the reason I don’t get out there. I try, I still do meet and greets and be as close as possible.”

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Billie is now an A-lister which means everyone wants a piece of her, and that brings its own issues.

She explained: “I used to be so open, I am still a very open person. If you ask me something I’m gonna be honest with you, I don’t bullshit.

“But over time, and lately, you can trust anybody. I have two people in my life I trust so I’m careful.”

Billie is also passionate about the environment and sometimes gets super angry.

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She said: “Why are we working so hard to save mankind when we should be out here saving the planet, saving the world, animals? We are literally the flu and the f**king the world is beautiful place that we are ruining. A lot of it is about global warming and the world being so ruined by us.”

She has been vegetarian her whole life but Billie isn’t about to start telling her fans what to do.

“The people who like, I’m a vegan’ in your face – you’re the reason why people don’t like vegans.

“I have my own reasons and beliefs (but) I wouldn’t want to force that on people.”

Billie Eilish tours the UK in July.

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