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THE best razors for women are designed with ergonomic handles and flexible blades for a close, comfortable and easy shave – whether they’re manual or electric.

Some are even designed to suit specific body parts that are tricky to shave – like the bikini area.

These days, razor brands are also keen to declare that women’s body hair is something to celebrate, whether it’s showing a woman shaving actual armpit hair or introducing an ad campaign where women are rocking their bikinis and a little bit of extra hair around the bikini line – both initiatives US razor startup Billie is responsible for.

Billie isn’t just changing the conversation around razors for women and female body hair – it’s an exclusively mail-order razor service, something that is also increasing in popularity (see Aveline, another brand that, like Billie, was founded to provide shaving tools for women without charging them extra for the same toiletries as men – known as the Pink Tax).

There is also an appetite for women's razors that have the old-school barber appeal – Harry's Flamingo range is a good example of this, as is FFS (Friction Free Shaving), another mail-order shaving brand with a recyclable metal-body razor, Vitamin E strip and six diamond-coated steel blades per head, which costs under £10 for a razor and four blades (the brand is also launching in Boots this summer).

Your favourite drugstore brands like Gillette are continuing to innovate when it comes to designing razors that work for women, with styles like the Venus Snap, a mini handle razor that’s perfect for travel and weekends away – it’s tiny enough to throw in your handbag, too.

Of course, you can always go the route of electric razors for a quick, close shave – brands like Magnitone and Phillips have rechargeable and battery-powered razors suitable for shaving all areas.

1. Bulldog Original Bamboo razor

  • £12 at Bulldog – buy here

This isn't specifically a women's razor, but it is fabulous (and has fantastic eco-credentials to boot): Bulldog's razor has a natural bamboo handle, five tempered steel blades, a lubricated aloe strip and a pivoting design, plus it comes in recycled packaging.

2. Magnitone GoBare! Rechargeable Mini Lady Shaver

  • £27.44 at Amazon – buy here

A wet or dry razor that's ultra-compact and gives a close shave, this electric razor has a detachable floating head and can also be used as a trimmer, so it works on the bikini line, legs or underarms.

It comes with its own travel pouch and cleaning brush.

"It is compact and just lovely to use. It wins hands-down for speed of charging – most competitors need a minimum of 8 hours and are a lot more expensive; in fact I initially forgot how rapid it is to charge (only 2 hours), and so thought it had arrived semi-charged, and then to last for 100 hours! Just brilliant," raves one reviewer.

3. Philips SatinShave Essential

  • £15 at Amazon – buy here

A cordless design with added skin protection and a bikini trimmer attachment, this Philips battery-powered razor can be used wet or dry and has a convenient, ergonomic shape.

Customers say it's fantastic for not cutting you or leaving any nicks, plus it provides a really quick and close shave.

"This device is cheap, compact, comes with 2 batteries, and does the trick," writes one happy customer.

4. FFS Rose razor

  • £9 for four blades and handle at FFS – buy here

A mail-order company that's redefining the razor game for women (metal handle, no Pink Tax so you're paying less), FFS's stylish and award-winning rose-gold hued metal razor has six diamond-coated steel blades per head, a lubricating vitamin E strip and a built-in bikini blade (you can also choose Silvia, the silver-hued razor, if you prefer).

FFS also elevates the razor – they call it a Shaviour – to a coveted accessory with the option to personalise it for £6.

Christmas gifts sorted, then.

5. Gillette Venus Snap Women's Portable Razor

  • £9.99 at Superdrug – buy here

The answer to every woman with a busy lifestyle's prayers, this ultra-compact razor slips easily into handbags, gym bags and travel bags.

While it comes with a cartridge that has five diamond-style coated blades and a moisture strip, it's also compatible with virtually all Venus razor heads for your convenience.

Fans can't get enough: "What a fantastic little treasure this is!! Not only is it compact enough to squeeze into the smallest of handbags, but it also does a great job at de-fuzzing," raves one fan.

6. Harry's The Truman razor

  • £8 at Harry's – buy here

Five German precision-engineered blades and a stylish rubberised and textured handle unite in Harry's Truman razor, which feels as easy to control as a fountain pen.

While the brand has launched a woman's range, Flamingo, the classic men's razor style in three colourways is a hit with the ladies, too.

7. Tinkle Eyebrow Razor

  • £5.98 at Amazon – buy here

While shaving peach fuzz, your upper lip and brows at home isn't always recommended by the pros, hands down, this is the razor to use if you are going to do it.

It also works as a bikini hair trimmer.

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