Bare-knuckle stars Taylor Starling and Charisa Sigala suffer horror injuries in 5-round war on Paige VanZant undercard

BKFC stars Taylor Starling and Charisa Sigala were both left bloodied and battered after their gruesome bare-knuckle fight.

The pair featured on the undercard of Paige VanZant's highly anticipated promotional debut.

Starling and Sigala fought the full five, two-minute rounds with a combined 500 shots thrown.

Starling emerged victorious by unanimous decision, helped by two knockdowns and more accurate punching.

She landed 70 of her 214 strikes, compared to Sigala, who threw 298 but connected with only 67 of them.

ESPN commentator Corey Erdman tweeted: "Taylor Starling-Charisa Sigala is about as gruesome a fight as you’re ever going to see.

"It’s a miracle that Sigala is even in this fight, let alone with a chance to maybe force a stoppage."

Starling addressed her win on Instagram as she showed off her battered face and severely swollen right eye.

She said: "Watched the press conference, I got announced as fight of the night, which is so freaking awesome.

"Big ups to my opponent she was so tough, I dropped her I don't know how many freaking times, she would not go away.

"How long does recovery take? I did get suspended, not because I got knocked out but because I got stitches and obviously look at my f***ing face.

"My hands, I need some time to heal, I have two f***ing jobs and I have children at home, pardon my French.

"Hey guys, thank you so much it meant so much to me to go out and put on a good show.

"It's easy to see the success but you guys really don't know my everyday life. And my everyday life it is so hard.

"Having a three and a four-year-old, living the life I do with the separate family, working two jobs, one of them being full-time 9-6 every single day.

"Part-time trying to make money, paying ridiculous bills that I can't afford and still going at the end of the day."

In the headliner, ex-UFC flyweight VanZant, 26, was beaten by Britain Hart, 31, on points.

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