Barbie-loving mum has grunge goth makeover and looks completely unrecognisable

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A super hot mum whose children’s friends obsess over her totally transformed her appearance by turning into a goth.

Ex-Page 3 girl Tracy Kiss, who now earns money on OnlyFans, said she usually lives in pink hotpants and crop tops.

But the mum-of-two was inspired to have a huge makeover for an episode of Hooked on the Look.

The gothic outfit was picked out by her 14-year-old daughter Millie.

Afterwards Tracy told the Daily Star: “Seeing myself transformed into a goth was such a shock but I actually enjoyed it.

“You don’t often get to see yourself as the opposite of what you are and I’ve actually introduced more black into my wardrobe now because of it.

“The white skin isn’t something I’d want to keep as it’s a bit Halloween and not practical to go painting up my face and neck.”

She added: “But definitely the dark nails and smoky eyes are something I can use to break up the dark colours I always rock.

“It’s all about finding that balance and feeling confident and comfortable in how you choose to look. I like to think I’m open minded and happy to try new things.”

After the transformation, one of Tracy’s biggest admirers was her daughter.

She said the gothic look was more in touch with Millie’s style who picked it out.

Tracy added: “She loved it. It was just what she’d envisioned to make me look more like her as it’s safe to say we’re polar opposites as a Barbie and goth.

“It made me feel closer to her in the way of being able to walk a mile in her shoes, even though we’re incredibly close and accepting of one another as opposites anyway.

“It’s definitely a look that works for her with aspects that I’ll bring into my wardrobe in my own sassy way.”

Tracy, 34, from Buckinghamshire, has spent more than £100,000 on surgeries – including a boob job, a BBL, lip fillers and botox.

She also has 70 tattoos and 23 piercings and she describes herself as Barbie meets Lara Croft.

As a child she suffered bullying in school for being “ugly” – but she loves how she looks.

And despite trolls labelling her "fake", Tracy said she'd never criticise others for their appearance and said the surgeries have helped with her be happy and confident.

She said: “I’m at peace with my body and appearance and feel great as a 34-year-old mum.

“I don’t rate myself as stunning, nor am I wanting to be the most beautiful or most desirable woman on earth – I’m just thankful to take up every morning and go to bed every night without disliking any aspect of my appearance.

“I know how hard others struggle to love and accept themselves. I wish people could understand it doesn’t have to be that way and you don’t have to compare yourself to others.

“Loving yourself and taking care of yourself rather than disliking everything about your appearance is so much better for your mental health and well-being.”

And with that in mind, she added: “So go to the salon, get a cut and colour, paint your nails, go for a jog and eat foods that leave you bursting with energy, the kinder you are to yourself the easier it is to be happy from within.

“You’re only young once and have a lifetime of reminiscing on your youth when old age kicks in, so use it and love it before you lose it.”

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