Bandai Spirits Releases SPIRITS METAL ROBOT Version of Epyon

The Zero System-powered Epyon has just been made into a Metal Robot Spirits version from Bandai Spirits.

Piloted by both Zechs Merquise and Heero Yuy in Gundam Wing, the transformable Gundam Epyon figure stands 5.5-inches in height and is made from ABS and diecast metal for weight and realism. The collectible figure features all of Epyon’s signature weapons like the shield, beam sword and heat rod. The heat rod has a wire at the center for ease of flexibility and positioning.

On top of coming with pedestal joints and a dedicated pedestal, the figure is packaged with a set of wrists for Wing Zero so that fans can recreate the famous battle. Priced at ¥15,950 JPY ($140 USD), the Metal Robot Spirits Epyon is available now at Bandai.

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