Bandai Recreates the Meeting of Trunks and Mecha Frieza in New Figure

Bandai has just released a new figure capturing the moment when Mecha Frieza lands on Earth to confront the Z Fighters. Rebuilt by his father King Cold after being found half-dead and floating around in space, Frieza was revived in Mecha form to exact revenge on Earth but was met with a time-traveling Trunks.

While Trunks’ intentions were to meet Goku with heart medicine and warn the rest of the fighters about the Androids, his early arrival stands as one of the most classic scenes from the Z franchise. Priced at ¥13,200 JPY (approximately $100 USD), this figure sees Super Saiyan Trunk poised in midair as he delivers the fatal blow to Mecha Frieza that cuts him in half. Those interested can head over to Bandai to reserve one today.

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