Apple Reportedly Considered Developing Its Own Healthcare Service

There’s very little Apple hasn’t put its name to, and now reports from the Wall Street Journal claim that the Tim Cook-helmed tech giant was considering its own subscription-based healthcare service.

Apple initially kicked off its research into healthcare programs in 2016, but this fell to the wayside as it decided to focus on its Apple Watch and Apple Health services. However, in the hypothetical world where Apple Healthcare would exist, it’s said that data collected from Apple Watch users would inform its subscription service, ultimately offering tailor-made healthcare.

According to the WSJ, this medical service would, “[link] data generated by Apple devices with virtual and in-person care provided by Apple doctors.” Furthermore, this was something Apple was very much considering, as it hired Stanford University’s Dr. Sumbul Desai to manage the project following its acquisition of a health center near Apple Park.

The project resulted in an app called HealthHabit, which was rolled out with little success (tested on its own employees). The staff would have access to clinicians, but the app was scrapped following questions about data usage. In 2019, questions around data usage were raised to Desai by a manager, leading to Desai leaving Apple’s healthcare project. However, a source told WSJ, “This matter was investigated thoroughly and the allegations could not be substantiated… Many of the assertions in this report are based on incomplete, outdated and inaccurate information.”

For now, this is all that has been reported by WSJ and Engadget, but do stay tuned to HYPEBEAST for more information on this if news comes back around regarding the rumored Apple Healthcare service.

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