Anthony Davis Reveals He Was Dealing With an Illness Prior To Most Recent Los Angeles Lakers Loss

In yet another loss for the Los Angeles Lakers, mostly due to the lack of LeBron James in the starting lineup, it was reported that the team was facing even greater obstacles as it was revealed that Anthony Davis was actually quite ill on the day of the match against the New York Knicks.

Just a few weeks prior, AD was also battling another illness and actually had to throw up in the middle of the game. Yesterday, the Lakers lost to the Knicks 106-100 and Lakers’ reporter Mike Trudell said that it was part in due to the fact that AD still made the decision to go on the court despite not feeling well. He said, “Davis basically had to sit in his room all day, hoping his fever would break. He arrived late to the arena, and said it was almost like AAU where he just showed up and had to start playing without a warm-up, which he’s never done before. Clearly didn’t have his typical energy.”

After the first 19 games, the Lakers are now 9-10 this season. So far, the team has not met expectations, despite having a super team that includes LeBron James, Carmelo Anthony, AD and Russell Westbrook.

In other NBA news, Kyle Lowry recently revealed that he has plans to retire as a Toronto Raptor.
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