'Animal Crossing: New Horizons' Toy Day 2021 Complete Guide

It’s time to bring the joy of Toy Day to Nintendo‘s Animal Crossing: New Horizons. Players everywhere spent the month of December crafting Festive DIY items and decking the h̶a̶l̶l̶s̶ islands ahead of the big day. Now, Jingle the Black-Nosed Reindeer is here, and he’s ready to pass out Toy Day gifts — but he needs help. Here’s everything to know about Toy Day, including the start time, what to do, and rewards.

What happens on Toy Day in ‘Animal Crossing: New Horizons’?

Taking place on the same day as Christmas Eve in real life, Dec. 24, Toy Day mimics the tale of Santa Claus coming to deliver presents to everyone in town. Except, in Animal Crossing, Jingle takes Santa’s place.

When you first speak to Jingle, he gives you a Festive Wrapping Paper DIY and asks you to craft three. The recipe calls for one ornament of each color — red, blue, and gold — which you can collect from decorated cedar trees.

After you give Jingle the wrapping paper, the real fun begins. He’ll give you a Magic Bag and ask for help delivering toys to the island’s residents. You must be holding the bag when you talk to villagers in order to give them their Toy Day gifts.

Throughout the month of December, you might have noticed toys being sold in the seasonal section at Nook’s Cranny; these are the toys you’ll be handing out. If you didn’t collect enough, you can visit Nook’s Cranny that day to buy 10 of one toy. It doesn’t matter which toy goes to which villager.

Although it’s not required, you can get into character by dressing up as Santa to deliver toys. Able Sisters will have Santa outfits for sale on Toy Day, including the hat, beard, shirt, and pants.

Where to find Jingle and what time the event begins

If you’re not sure when you can sit down to play Animal Crossing that day, don’t worry; the event runs all day! Jingle arrives bright and early at 5 a.m. local time on Dec. 24. You can play the Toy Day event until 5 a.m. the next day. You’ll hear the special Toy Day music playing in the background for the duration of the event. Isabelle will also mention Toy Day in her announcement.

You can find Jingle roaming around the Resident Services building on Toy Day. He won’t stand in one spot, but he shouldn’t roam too far from the plaza, if at all.

Every ‘Animal Crossing: New Horizons’ Toy Day item to gift villagers

Like other seasonal items from Nook’s Cranny, you’ll only get one color of each item in your store. However, there are four to eight variations of each item; you might consider asking some friends to help you collect all the variations. Animal villagers might also give you a different-colored toy in exchange for their gift. In total, there are eight different toys.

Here’s the complete list of toys and their color options, per Animal Crossing World:

  • Dinosaur Toy: red, blue, green, brown, gray
  • Dollhouse: red, brown, blue, orange, green, pink, purple
  • Kids’ Tent: white, pink, black, stripes, floral, blue, brown, colorful
  • Mini Circuit: red and white, blue and yellow, black and silver, pink and purple
  • Pop-Up Book: The Ocean Blue, The Mesozoic World, Savannah, Flowers
  • Puppy Plushie: beige, red, lemon and white, spotted, black, tricolored, gray and white, pink
  • RC Helicopter: blue, red, yellow, green, pink, light blue, purple
  • Tin Robot: silver, blue, red, orange, yellow, green, pink, black

Every Toy Day reward for helping Jingle

Of course, helping Jingle wrap and deliver gifts will not go unrewarded. First, he’ll give you a set of stockings in exchange for the wrapping paper. Then, once you’re done delivering presents, he’ll give you a Gift Pile DIY and the Toy Day Sleigh.

Make sure to hang the Toy Day Stockings in your house, because there’s one more person on Jingle’s gift list: you! On Dec. 25, you can interact with the stockings in your home to find Jingle’s Photo.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons and its Happy Home Paradise DLC are available now on Nintendo Switch.

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