Amazon's Prime Air Drone Deliveries Are Coming to Texas

Amazon will soon begin testing its Prime Air delivery system, commencing with College Station, Texas before expanding its service to Lockeford, California.

The company initially announced plans to create a drone delivery service in 2013, sharing a footage of how the companies envision what deliveries would look like in the future. Years later, with many changes to the drone comes the current MK-27-7 model, which is said to have increased stability and propellers that minimize high-frequency soundwaves.

“This expansion of our service is made possible by the years of innovation, testing, and invention by talented teams of scientists, engineers, aerospace professionals, and futurists working on Prime Air,” the company said in a statement.

Amazon is facing a challenge with the company accused to rushing the program following multiple crashes of drones. However, the company says that “hundreds” of customers in the Lockeford area have agreed to join the test group, representing a partnership with Texas.

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