A woman is sick of her neighbours drying their laundry on the drive

‘The whole street doesn’t need to see your pants’: Woman divides opinion as she blasts her neighbours for drying their laundry on the driveway instead of the back garden

  • A woman took to Mumsnet to complain about her noisy and messy neighbours 
  • As well as drying their laundry they blare music and spent time in their driveway
  • Commenters were torn over whether was being reasonable or not 

A woman has bee left frustrated after messy neighbours consistently dried their washing on their driveway.

An anonymous woman took to the British parenting forum, Mumsnet, after becoming irate with her neighbours’ habits of blaring music and drying laundry in front of their house.

She claimed that the neighbours, who live directly across the street, also sit in their cars while talking loudly to people on the speakerphone.

After saying she could forgive most of the loud behaviour, she vented that being able to see their pants was a step too far.

Commenters were torn over whether she had a right to ask them to be more discreet, or whether it was none of her business.

An anonymous woman took to the British parenting forum, Mumsnet , after becoming irate with her neighbours for drying laundry in front of their house (stock image)

Explaining that the neighbours were generally messy and noisy in their front garden, the woman shared that she’d had enough

Speaking about the people living opposite her, she said: ‘We have new neighbours, they seem to live out their garage.’ 

‘Constantly fixing their three cars, parking their cars in front of other peoples drives. Sitting in their cars with the door open talking on their phone via the speaker, vaping – music blaring.’ 

‘Now drying their laundry on an airer on the front drive. Am I being unreasonable to think put it in your back garden like normal people. 

‘The rest is bad enough, but the whole street doesn’t need to see your pants!’ 

Some commenters couldn’t see the problem and implored the woman to focus on something else

Some commenters were shocked that it mattered to the woman where her neighbours were drying laundry. 

One person said there might be a ‘good reason’ for it, especially if they’re living somewhere ‘with limited sun right now’.

She said that she’d lived in an area where people made a lot of use of the frong gardens ‘because the back garden were mud pits, overshadowed by trees and had a mole infestation (the whole street). Front gardens were massive, dry and sunny.’

Another added: ‘It’s very much their prerogative where they wash their clothes, I would leave it.’

Some commenters were on the woman’s side and claimed they also wouldn’t stand for the noise and the washing

A third thought their views were outdated, saying: ‘Keeping up appearances is a thing of the past.’

Other commenters though the neighbours were being obnoxious and she had a right to be upset. 

One person said: ‘That would annoy me, it’s just untidy. Someone did it on a street near us recently and the neighbours objected, it made the national news.’

Another thought the neighbours were in the wrong but she was focusing on the wrong thing, saying: ‘I’d be more worried about them blocking drives, having music blaring, conversations on the speaker with the car door open than a bit of washing!’

A third person wrote: ‘I get you. That’s about the same level as having an old sofa in the front garden, or painting 3 feet tall house numbers in emulsion on the front of the house.’

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