A Peak Inside Andy Cohen’s $18 Million NY Penthouse

Andy Cohen is most known as the king of Bravo. As an executive producer and host of many of Bravo’s most successful reality television shows and the late-night talk show Watch What Happens Live, Cohen has created a successful life for himself and his family. Likewise, Cohen has just as happy a life at home with his two kids Ben and Lucy. From Cohen walking off reunion sets to hosting one of the highest-grossing reality TV shows, he is the face and voice of Bravo.

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Andy Cohen is worth a cool $50 million. In his book Most Talkative, he expressed how much media and TV influenced him as a kid, which is why he went to college for journalism in hopes of making it big in TV one day (via Biography). After graduating in the ’90s, Cohen worked for CBS News, Trio, and later, Bravo. From producing to programming, Cohen has had multiple jobs within the network television world, which is why he is so knowledgeable and successful. Cohen’s passions have surely paid off because he bought a stunning New York penthouse in 2022 for close to $20 million.

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An Astounding Location

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In the summer of 2022, Dirt shared that Cohen bought a penthouse in New York City’s West Village. The neighborhood is known for its cobblestoned streets and beautiful townhouses. It’s also the same neighborhood that Sarah Jessica Parker and Daniel Radcliffe, according to Business Insider. The coveted area is known for having its celebrities and isn’t far from where Watch What Happens Live is filmed.

Built in 1930, Cohen’s duplex penthouse is 3,000 square feet and cost him a whopping $18.3 million. It’s not the most expensive penthouse in New York City, but it’s in a coveted area. The stunning home is said by the NY Post to be the tallest building in West Village. A source told the publication that although the penthouse has 2,000 square feet of outdoor space, it “needs a lot of work.” Cohen is sure to have renovated the space for his growing family while keeping the beautiful architecture by Emery Roth intact. Roth is known for his architecture around New York City  — primarily his art-deco details. Aside from the renovations the home needs, one of the best parts of the home is its view of downtown Manhattan.

The Well-Designed Interiors

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One of the more coveted aspects of the penthouse is how much wrap-around outdoor space Cohen has. Being in New York City with children, the ability to go outside without running to the park is ideal for the Bravo favorite. And while a lot is known about the building from the outside, what about the inside?

Inside Cohen’s penthouse are three bedrooms and four bathrooms for his family and guests. One of the best parts of the penthouse, however, is the 14-foot ceilings that make the space seem bigger than it is. What’s cooler is that the penthouse has two floors, giving Cohen and his family privacy when it’s needed. There’s a chef-style kitchen, a study, and one of the coolest parts about this penthouse is the solarium. Also known as a sunroom, the solarium allows for Cohen’s penthouse to have a ton of natural light and feel like they’re outside when they’re safe and warm inside. As beautiful and promising as this penthouse is, this isn’t Cohen’s only property in New York.

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Andy Cohen’s Other Properties

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On top of owning this West Village penthouse, Cohen has property for a future beach house in the Hamptons, more specifically Amagansett, as noted by Hamptons Real Estate Showcase. Cohen bought the summer home in 2019 and is neighbors with friend and actress Sarah Jessica Parker. According to Zillow, the vacation property is oceanfront, on 0.56 acres, and has the ability for private beach access through the dunes. However, this Amagansett home isn’t Cohen’s first. The Real Deal noted that Cohen is a longtime resident of staying in Hamptons homes.

Cohen told Bravo that he rented the same Hamptons home for 28 years before buying his own beach properties. “I always said the only thing that would get me to leave this house would be if I was ever lucky enough to have a house on the ocean. And I actually never envisioned myself able to afford that. That was not in my realm,” he said.

When Cohen isn’t in the Hamptons or West Village, he told the Table for Two with Bruce Bozzi podcast (via Bravo) that he was looking for yet another apartment in New York, but not much has been released on when or where that would be. In the meantime, Cohen continues to grow his empire, raise his two kids, and explore different real estate options while he can.

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