A 'Love Is Blind' Spinoff With Fan Faves Lauren And Cameron May Be In The Works

  • Season one of Love Is Blind recently ended, and fans are already want more.
  • Many tweets have demanded a spinoff series from favorite Lauren Speed and Cameron Hamilton.
  • A source close to the show told Women’s Health that talks are already happening.

If you weren’t rooting for Lauren Speed and Cameron Hamilton the entire season of Netflix’s hit reality dating show Love Is Blind, then what were you doing? These two lovebirds were clearly fan favorites. And let’s be honest: Major tears were shed during their wedding vows.

But the best part of their love story is that they are one of the few couples from the show that are still together. “They celebrated their one year anniversary back in Mexico. And they’re just adorable,” a source close to the show previously told Women’s Health. “Their families love them. They’re beautiful humans. And they’re truly the essence of Love is Blind.”

The genuine love and respect for one another on the show is probably the reason why so many viewers took to social media to demand, not only season two of Love Is Blind, but also a Lauren and Cam spinoff.

Waiting for the Lauren and Cameron spinoff where we see their marriage prosper and their beautiful babies be born and grow in a loving, kind family like #LoveIsBlind pic.twitter.com/N4OkeAIgUZ

I feel like this show was made for Lauren and Cameron to meet themselves, Absolutely love themmmm, We definitely need a spin off based on them#LoveIsBlind pic.twitter.com/R87cWXYSTd

Give us that Cameron and Lauren Spinoff #LoveIsBlindNetflix pic.twitter.com/NfkGWMZ1zz

Lucky for fans, those tweets are not in vain. According to a source close to the show, Women’s Health has learned there have already been talks about a spinoff show for the couple. Production is currently looking at similar shows with successful spinoffs for inspiration.

“These shows can work. You don’t have to do 12 seasons. But one season where fans can see and spotlight just them can work,” the source told Women’s Health. “So there’s definitely discussions.” Nothing firm has been set because Netflix obviously has to sign off on the new show. “But yes, we hear the fans,” the source said.

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