7 cool and quirky shakers that will make perfect cocktails every time

Forget your forgettable cocktail shakers; after a year of isolation, if there’s one thing we need it’s punchy cocktails poured by pretty shakers. These are some of the best.

Whether you’re a spicy margarita senorita or a vodka-loving vixen, the chances are there’s a go-to cocktail – or mocktail – that gets you in the mood for life (which is back on the agenda, hurrah!)

But if you’re still mixing yours in a plastic jug with a spoon, then you’re missing a trick, and it may well be time for you to invest in a cool and quirky cocktail shaker. And the market is awash with them.

From out-of-this-world rocket-shaped shakers to chic cut crystal offerings inspired by the architecture of Brooklyn Bridge, there’s a quirky cocktail shaker for everybody. Now all that’s left to say is sip, sip, hurray! 

  • Sunny Life Desert Palms cocktail shaker

    Sunny Life Desert Palms cocktail shaker

    We might not be escaping on a real-life holiday anytime soon, but with this desert tree-adorned cocktail shaker from Sunny Life, we sure can try and pretend. 

    Shop Sunny Life Desert Palms cocktail shaker, £25


  • Anthropologie pineapple cocktail shaker

    Anthropologie pineapple cocktail shaker

    You’ll be feeling fruity after a few cocktails mixed in this funky shaker. Simply add your alcoholic or virgin liqueur of choice and off you go!

    Shop Anthropologie pineapple cocktail shaker, £46


  • Bfty iridescent cocktail shaker

    Bfty iridescent cocktail shaker

    You’ll never look at a standard silver cocktail shaker in the same way ever again, not after mixing it up with this funky iridescent offering. 

    Shop Bfty iridescent cocktail shaker, £19.99


  • Rocket cocktail shaker

    Rocket cocktail shaker

    You’ve heard of rocket fuel, but have you heard of a rocket-shaped cocktail shaker before? This one comes complete with a strainer for seriously out-of-this-world drinks.

    Shop Rocket cocktail shaker, £24.99


  • BarCraft six piece cocktail making set

    BarCraft six piece cocktail making set

    For the rookie barista in your life, look to this gold sextet of cocktail-making components. Not only does the kit come with a standard shaker and strainer, but it also comes with a recipe book too, to ensure you nail your drinks.

    Shop BarCraft six piece cocktail making set at Home Deco London, £27.95


  • Roebling cut crystal martini shaker

    Roebling cut crystal martini shaker

    Ideal as a gift for the martini-lover in your life, this crystal shaker, whose design was inspired by Brooklyn Bridge, is perfect for shaken, not stirred, cocktails. 

    Shop Roebling cut crystal martini shaker at Soho Home, £90


  • Foster & Rye enamel cocktail shaker

    Foster & Rye enamel cocktail shaker

    In a sultry indigo shade, this enamel cocktail shaker would make an ice cool addition to anybody’s cocktail-making arsenal. 

    Shop Foster & Rye enamel cocktail shaker, £46


Images: courtesy of brands.

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