6 Best Wooden Sunglasses 2020 | The Sun UK

WOODEN SUNGLASSES have become a favourite for fashion lovers and eco-warriors, beach dwellers and business types.

Not only do the best wooden sunglasses look fantastic, they're also a sustainable choice for anyone looking to minimise their plastic consumption and find more ethically minded frames.

Wooden sunglasses are available at a range of price points and silhouettes, from round retro frames to classic Wayfarers, with prices starting at less than £30.

Part of their fashion appeal is that they're masculine and feminine at once – and many of the styles are designed for men and women to wear.

Whether they're made from bamboo or walnut, the neutral tones of wooden sunglasses work well with a range of outfits. They even come in grey and ebony shades for more formal occasions.

Not only do wooden sunglasses tick the style and sustainability boxes, they also offer essential protection from UVA and UVB rays – all of the wooden sunglasses below have polarised lenses to reduce glare.

Fun fact: unlike typical sunglasses, wooden sunglasses float rather than sink. That ought to come in handy when you wear them swimming…

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