5 Best Mother's Day Crafts 2020 | The Sun UK

THEY SAY that mothers and kids who make together, have a much better Mother's Day together.

OK, no one says that. But these Mother's Day crafts ideas are a gorgeous twist on the typical flowers and chocs, if you're looking for a novel Mother's Day gift, or activity.

If mum (or grandma) is keen on knitting or sewing, you'll find lots of felting kits, from flowers to birds, which will turn into lovely home decor – just in time for the spring and Easter holiday.

Cross-stitch kits are also popular: you can either make mum a cushion she'll love (Crafteratti by Jacqui Pearce has a 'MUM' wool cross stitch cushion kit, that's ideal for the experienced stitcher but straightforward enough for a newbie to complete).

If younger children are giving mum or grandma a Mother's Day crafts gift, Baker Ross has a slew of decorate-your-own ceramics, like planters and mugs to paint and colour, that will quickly become firm favourites.

It helps that they're homemade and have practical usage.

Or you can introduce your mum to something totally different – and eco-friendly: the Japanese art of kintsugi repair. Next time your child breaks a dish, no biggie – mum can just use her new kit to paint over the broken pottery with gold, preserving another item from landfill and giving it a new, rather beautiful, lease of life.

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