20 Best curly hair products you can buy in 2022 | The Sun

CURLY hair is a blessing when you can tame it. But doing that can be a frizzy struggle if you don't know the best curly hair products for you. 

Your unruly ringlets can be smoothed and defined with the best curly hair products, from serums to creams, and there are even specific shampoos and conditioners.

Curly hair tends to be dryer than straight which means that you need to really nourish it when you do a hair wash. Think moisturising oil cleansers and shea butter shampoo.

According Ghanian-born hair expert Jennie Roberts, who has worked with stars like Rita Ora and Ella Eyre, the key is to apply your products to dripping wet hair.

"My top tip is that hair care should always be in the shower. Don’t leave once you’ve washed and conditioned, utilise that moment to apply everything else too," she explained.

It's also all about staying hydrated when it comes to curly hair textures. "I find that lots of people throw money at products without thinking about diet," Roberts continued. "A good diet is essential for healthy hair. Hair is mainly made up of proteins so a good balanced diet of protein, iron, vitamins and other nutrients feed your hair deep in the scalp tissue at the blood supply, before the hair appears."

Caring for curly hair even starts when you're sleeping too. As Roberts told The Sun, "A silk pillowcase or head wrap/bonnet will also help to maintain your texture by avoiding friction when sleeping."

Looking after your bouncy tresses doesn't have to feel like a whole lifestyle change when you know what you're doing. To make things a little simpler, we've found and tested out the best curly hair products on the market right now.

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