15 luxurious chocolate bombes to make the thickest, creamiest hot chocolate ever

Take your hot chocolate game to the next level with these indulgent chocolate bombes and stirrers that are perfect for cosying up.

Chocolate bombes have been the novelty food of choice for a while now – and for very good reason. Our hot chocolate game has been well and truly levelled up by these decadent balls of chocolate, which can be dunked into a mug of warm milk until they melt, turning it thick with cocoa and other exciting surprises, like marshmallows or sweets. 

It’s the same idea as chocolate stirring spoons – wooden pegs with a chunk of chocolate attached you can stir into your drinks to make them extra sweet and creamy.

As far as we’re concerned, there’s no going back to the days of mixing cocoa powder with milk. And with tasty flavoured varieties from salted caramel to chocolate orange available, be prepared to try the most indulgent hot chocolate of your life, perfect for warming you up on cool autumn days. 

Here is our pick of 15 of the best chocolate bombes and stirrers out there to buy now.     

  • Cocoba hot chocolate bombe selection gift box

    Fancy something sweet but can’t pick a flavour? No problem. Cocoba’s selection gift box will provide you with nine varieties of their bestselling hot chocolate bombes.

    From vibrant popping candy milk to classic velvety caramel, simply choose your favourite – and whether or not to share.

    Buy Cocoba hot chocolate bombe selection gift box, £34.95

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  • Baileys hot chocolate bombe

    Best hot chocolate bombes: Baileys

    Nothing says Christmas is coming like the creamy smooth taste of a Baileys Irish Cream over ice or stirred into coffee. Add some chocolate to the mix and you’ve got a winning taste combination. Filled with mini marshmallows, this Baileys hot chocolate bombe trio will simply melt in your mug and is great for cosy nights in over the festive period.

    Buy Baileys hot chocolate bombe trio, £6

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  • Marvellous mixed hot chocolate bombes

    Best hot chocolate bombes: Gnaw

    Deliciously coated with glossy chocolate, Gnaw’s three handcrafted flavours – milk, orange and salted caramel – will take you to hot chocolate heaven.

    Made from their own Gnaw blend, which features natural ingredients sourced as locally as possible in the UK, these plastic-free packaged treats are as sweet as they are sustainable.

    Buy Gnaw marvellous mixed hot chocolate bombes at Gnaw, £10 

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  • Gnaw hot chocolate shots

    Best hot chocolate stirrers: Gnaw hot chocolate shots

    If stirrers are more your style, Gnaw also offers its yummy flavours in handy hot chocolate shots. Enjoy the same creamy milk chocolate, velvet chocolate caramel and a citrus snap of orange milk chocolate flavours by swirling into steaming hot milk. Top with mini marshmallows and enjoy.

    Buy Gnaw hot chocolate shots at Oliver Bonas, £8.50

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  • Christmas character hot chocolate bombes

    Best hot chocolate bombes: Not On The Highstreet

    Ready to get in the festive mood early? Tasty and adorable, these Santa, snowman and reindeer-shaped milk and white chocolate bombes are made from 100% Belgian chocolate and are stuffed with fluffy mini-marshmallows.

    Treat yourself to a set of three or gift them to loved ones as they’re available in packs of up to 36.

    Buy Christmas character hot chocolates bombes by Not On The High Street, £14.95 (pack of three) 

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  • Orange hot chocolate bombes

    Best hot chocolate bombes: THE GOURMET CHOCOLATE PIZZA CO.

    Well, aren’t we lucky? This brand-new product has arrived just in time to keep us warm this autumn/winter. The Gourmet Pizza Co, known for their decadent chocolate pizzas, has treated us to the ultimate festive treat: melty orange hot chocolate bombes.

    Combining creamy chocolate with a crisp, citrusy flavour from the infused natural orange oil, these will go down well with any sweet-treat lovers.

    Buy The Gourmet Pizza Co orange hot chocolate bombes on Not On The Highstreet, £10.50

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  • LaShaesTreats chocolate bombe

    LaShaesTreats chocolate bombe

    These handmade chocolate bombes come in an impressive range of indulgent flavours and are themed for Christmas – hurray!

    You can pick between Belgian milk chocolate, white chocolate, Biscoff, Nutella, Kinder Beuno and so much more. 

    While some chocolate bombes are filled with marshmallows, these contain hot chocolate powder for an even more chocolatey warm drink. You can even request a bespoke mix with Christmassy spices like cinnamon. 

    Shop hot chocolate bombes by LaShaesTreats at Etsy, from £15

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  • Not on the Highstreet hot chocolate bombes crackers

    Not on the Highstreet hot chocolate bombes crackers

    Get in the Christmas spirit with these hot chocolate bombes which come in mini crackers. 

    Place the hot chocolate bombe in your favourite mug, slowly pour over steaming milk, and watch with as the chocolate melts and mixes with the mini marshmallows inside.

    Choose between a single hot chocolate bombe or a set of two or four, depending on how sweet your tooth is.

    Shop hot chocolate bombes crackers at Not on the Highstreet, £19.95

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  • Whittard latte macchiato chocolate spoon

    Whittard latte macchiato chocolate spoon

    Coffee lovers can enjoy the rich flavour of a macchiato, mixed with silky, sweet chocolate with this artisan hot chocolate spoon. 

    Simply fill a large mug with steaming hot milk and stir up a treat.

    Shop latte macchiato chocolate spoon at Whittard, £3.50

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  • Etsy galaxy and milkybar bombs

    Etsy galaxy and milkybar bombs

    These delicious bombes are handmade using some of our favourite chocolate bars such as Galaxy and Milkybar.

    Not only do they have mini marshmallows hidden inside, but there are treats built into the exterior of each bombe also, like Aero snowbubbles. Yum.

    Shop galaxy and milkybar bombs at Etsy, £4.10

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  • Graham & Green chocolate bomb

    Graham & Green chocolate bomb

    We love Graham & Green for their beautiful range of homewares, but this Christmas they’ve got a pretty delicious selection of things to enjoy at home too, like these chocolatey bombes.

    Simply drop into a mug of warm milk and stir well to enjoy the mix of heady cocoa and sweet marshmallows.

    Shop chocolate bombe at Graham & Green, £4.50

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  • Cocoba marshmallow salted caramel hot chocolate spoon

    Cocoba marshmallow salted caramel hot chocolate spoon

    If you’re a fan of salted caramel then we think this milk chocolate spoon will be very high on your Christmas wishlist. 

    This sweet and salty spoon gives a flavoursome spin on a classic hot chocolate, and of course, there are marshmallows to go with it. 

    Shop marshmallow salted caramel hot chocolate spoon at Cotswolds Trading, £2.50

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  • Etsy hot cocoa chocolate bombs

    Etsy hot cocoa chocolate bombs

    These made-to-order hot chocolate bombes cover all the bases when it comes to favourite flavour combinations. 

    Compile your bespoke box and pick from pumpkin spice, mint, white chocolate, sticky toffee, peanut butter, orange, cinnamon, ginger bread and many more. 

    Shop hot cocoa chocolate bombs at Etsy, £5

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  • Prezzy box vegan hot chocolate bombes

    Prezzy box vegan hot chocolate bombes

    Designed to work with dairy alternative milks like soy or oat, these vegan chocolate bombes are just as delicious as the original. 

    Each one is made with 55% Belgian dark chocolate and mini vegan marshmallows.

    Shop hot chocolate bombes at Prezzy Box, £11.99

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  • Whittard milk chocolate spoon with marshmallows

    Whittard milk chocolate spoon with marshmallows

    Although not technically a ‘bombe’, chocolate stirring spoons like this delightful one from Whittards work in a very similar way.

    Instead of stirring a solid bombe, this spoon allows you to stir a block of chocolate into your drink for a creamy, smooth texture.

    This spoon is pure milk chocolate, but it does come with mini marshmallows for you to add a finishing touch.

    Shop milk chocolate spoon with mini marshmallows at Whittard, £3.50

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