12 Incredibly Strange Celebrity Endorsements

It’s not uncommon for celebrities to increase their fortune by endorsements. Companies look for a well-known face to sell a range of products. Perfume, jewelry and other high-end companies count on the relationship between celebrity and fan to prompt sales and trust in the merchandise.

It’s not always a perfect match however, sometimes the product and the celebrity endorsement pair can just look downright odd.

Take a look at some of the strangest celebrity endorsements over the years.

12 Kim Kardashian – Charmin

Charmin has set up an annual pop-up store in New York City during the holidays for the past several years. In 2010, the reality star helped kick-off the fifth annual event with a ribbon cutting and pictures with two Charmin bears.

11 Penelope Cruz – Nintendo DS

In 2012, the actress and her sister, Monica Cruz dressed as Mario and his brother Luigi in overalls and large mustaches. The two raced against each other to the finish line in the series of commercials that aired globally for the gaming icon.

10 Ozzy Osbourne – I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter

Remember the Fabio commercials – long hair blowing in the breeze with romantic music playing in the background as he says, ‘I can’t believe it’s not butter’? In 2006, the company went an entirely different route when they asked the aging Black Sabbath singer to represent the heart healthy alternative.

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9 Bob Dylan – Victoria’s Secret

Known for their long legs and angel wings on the catwalk, Victoria’s Secret makes fans think of beautiful women and lingerie – not an over 60 folk rock singer. In 2004, the then 63-year-old Dylan was seen singing his song “Love Sick” with models dancing around him. The company argued that Dylan would appeal to the Boomer crowd.

8 Snoop Dogg – Hot Pockets

Given his affinity for the munchies and the 2004 smash hit, “Drop It Like It’s Hot”, the pairing may not seem all that strange. In 2012, the rapper joined DeStorm and comedian Andy Milonakis for play on words performance of “Pocket Like Its Hot.” The real star was a giant Hot Pocket dressed in bling and leaving everyone asking, ‘Why?’

7 Kris Jenner – Poise Bladder Leak Pads

It’s not strange that a woman who’s given birth to six children may have issues when sneezing or laughing (it happens to the best of us) but the combination of an ultra-rich powerhouse and mother of the Keeping Up With the Kardashian crew and a panty liner doesn’t quite click. According to CheatSheet, the Kardashians have commonly endorsed poorly made makeup and counterfeit designs with no research. Maybe Jenner didn’t even know what the photoshoot was about?

6 Memphis Bleek – Garnier Fructis

In the past, Garnier Fructis commercials featured white women with different hair styles and color, talking about how the luxury hair product made their day. Then, rapper Memphis Bleek appeared in a commercial and sang a song called, “Fructis Flow” and we were all confused. The rapper later told the media, “They called me like, yo, we got X amount with this many zeros…”.

5 John Cena – Crocs

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John Cena seems like a tennis shoes kind of guy, but in 2017 he participated in a campaign for Crocs, sharing his experience of being bullied as a young child. According to MoneyWise, the commercial was touching, but what does Crocs, a pro-wrestler and bullying have in common?

4 Justin Bieber – Nicole by OPI Nails

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In 2009, the singer skyrocketed to fame and quickly became a new name people scrambled to for endorsements. Bieber’s face on any product was a guaranteed hit – even when it didn’t make a lot of sense. “One Less Lonely Girl” nail polishes were released in Walmart stores and over one million bottles sold in 2010.

3 Helen Mirren – Wii Fit

The Academy Award winner was asked to endorse the Wii Fit, a video game/exercise tool marketed to both children and adults. The company believed Mirren might be the all-encompassing representation of any age enjoying the product. However, it left some confused as to how often Mirren plays the Wii in the first place.

2 Tim Tebow – Anti-Abortion

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It’s not so strange that the Christian athlete spoke up in an anti-abortion campaign, but according to Bleacher Report, fans didn’t care for the vocal commercial. Sports figures in general, shy away from taking sides of an unpopular topic, but Tim Tebow set aside the fans opinion to share his feelings on a subject he felt was important.

1 Cristiano Ronaldo – Facial Fitness Pao

The Portuguese footballer lent his good looks to a Japanese mouthguard with propellers to strengthen facial muscles. The product didn’t take off, but fans enjoyed seeing his smiling face anyway.

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