11 Celebs Who Were Born on Christmas Day

These celebrities were born on the most festive day of the year!

Christmas is a time for festivities and celebration and, for some, they get double the fun during the holiday! Being born on Christmas day means the family is already together and in the joyful spirit. And if you play your cards right, you could end up getting double the presents!

While others may argue that their friends aren’t around to celebrate their special day, you can almost guarantee all of them will have the following day off from work to party it up. Plus, it’s hard for them to forget the exact day you were born when you share it with such a big occasion.

Find out what celebrities will be celebrating their birthday this Christmas…

1. Justin Trudeau

Birth year: 1971

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and his younger brother Alexandre were both coincidentally born on Christmas day! According to Justin’s press secretary, “the Prime Minister celebrates his birthday with family on Christmas Day with a cake along with his brother.”

2. Emma Slater

Birth year: 1988

“Dancing With The Stars” pro Emma Slater and her twin sister Kelly celebrate their birthday on Christmas and will turn 32 this year. Emma even happens to have the initials ELF, which is so fitting for the holiday!

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3. Jimmy Buffet

Birth year: 1946

Jimmy Buffet will be turning 74 this year and is sure to mark the occasion with something special. In the past, he’s hosted festive Christmas live streams from Honolulu and back in 1996, he released a holiday album.

4. Annie Lennox

Birth year: 1954

Annie Lennox will celebrate her 66th birthday on Christmas this year, which she says she has always enjoyed.

“My birthday and Christmas are blended together. As a child I used to wait all year for my birthday, so I’d have birthday presents and Christmas presents at the same time. That’s all I’ve ever known, so funny when you think about it. People said to me, ‘What a shame because you don’t get to have two separate celebrations.’ But it’s all I know, just Christmas and birthday all wrapped up together,” Annie told Daily Record.

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5. Armin van Buuren

Birth year: 1976

DJ and producer Armin van Buuren will be turning 44 this year and based on past tweets, it seems as if he likes combining the holiday with his special day.

“Cooking Christmas dinner. Thanks for all the sweet birthday messages x #Christmas #birthday,” Armin captioned a photo wearing a festive suit.

6. Sissy Spacek

Birth year: 1949

This year, actress Sissy Spacek will celebrate her 71st birthday and says she’s really enjoying life at this age.

“People treat you with more respect. They open doors for you. Plus, you have the courage to really say what you believe. I believe as long as you have your health, it’s a really great time of life, the best time,” Sissy told Closer Weekly.

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7/8. The Veronicas

Birth year: 1984

Music duo Lisa and Jessica Origliasso will celebrate their 36th birthday this year on the holiday which they have nicknamed “birthmas.” They say they’ve always “loved” sharing the celebrations.

“Our whole lives people ask us if it’s annoying but we’ve always liked it. I think it’s because there’s a really nice energy knowing everyone’s celebrating with their families or people that they love on that day,” Lisa told The Guardian.

9. Adut Akech

Birth year: 1999

South Sudanese-Australian model Adut Akech will turn 21 on Christmas day after another super successful year for her career.

“Feeling so blessed and grateful on this special day Thank you to the man above for another birthday 🙏🏾 And keep them birthday flowers coming thanks 😘,” Adut wrote on her birthday in 2019.

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10. Helena Christensen

Birth year: 1968

Helena Christensen turns 52 this Christmas. Last year, she celebrated by jumping into freezing water near her home in Copenhagen.

“Another year, many more spontaneous free falls into life 🎂 🎈🇩🇰 Copenhagen December 25 🥶,” Helena wrote on Instagram.

11. Dido

Birth year: 1971

Dido, who turns 49 this year, may have been born on Christmas but reportedly celebrates her birthday on June 25th to make up for the shared holiday.

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