10 Cheap and Best Value Treadmills 2021 | The Sun UK

WHETHER you're a professional footballer or a self-proclaimed couch potato looking to get into shape, running is one of the most popular forms of exercise around.

But when you live in the UK, relying on the weather so you can go out for a jog is pretty much a myth, which is where the best cheap treadmills can come in handy.

To put it simply, treadmills are a conveyer belt-style machine which enables you to walk or run without actually going anywhere, monitoring your fat loss, distance and speed.

Most people purchase a gym membership to have the treat of using one, but it can save you a lot of money when you buy one to install in your home.

The designs in gyms usually cost thousands, however there are tons of more affordable options on the market when you know where to shop.

And you're in luck, because we know exactly where to find the best cheap treadmills. Here are our top picks, all available for less than £600.

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