Zac Efron’s Rake Video Sparks a Debate in His Instagram Comments!

Zac Efron posted a video to his Instagram account that appeared to show him getting smacked in the face with a rake while walking through a garden.

In the video, the 33-year-old actor steps on the rake, then visibly bends over in pain as if the rake hit him in the face.

Upon further review, some fans believe Zac just posted the video as a joke and didn’t actually get hit with a rake!

One fan jokingly wrote, “And the Oscar goes to…👏👏” while another posted, “Such a great actor 😍 I thought it’s real at first 🥺☺️.”

Some believe he may have been hit his face or hurt himself in some way! Many fans left comments like, “aw ouch!”

Some believe it was dirt that got flung in his face and not a rake hitting him. One commenter wrote, “Did it fling dirt in his face? The stick didn’t hit.”

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