Yolanda: Is the 90 Day Fiance Star the REAL Scammer?

It’s very clear to 90 Day Fiance: Before The 90 Days viewers that Yolanda is definitely being catfished by Williams.

But Yolanda was seen chatting with another man. Is he Williams? Is Yolanda, and not her catfish, the real villain here?

Yolanda is a single mother who struggled to cope after her husband was suddenly arrested and then died in prison.

She ended up shedding a lot of weight and went on to become active on social media promoting her weight loss technique.

Yolanda appears to be over the moon with “Williams,” a mysterious man from Manchester who sends her photos of a beefy bodybuilder.

Curiously, his phone camera is allegedly “broken,” preventing her from video chatting with Yolanda. What a shame!

So, the Instagram account FraudedbyTLC has been a stellar source of 90 Day Fiance info for years.

They did some digging while looking at Yolanda’s Instagram activity.

They found that she appeared to have flirted extensively with two different men.

One, we’ll call Marvin WIlliams. The other is a man named Uche.

“It has been rumored that this guy is ‘Williams’ of Yolanda and Williams,” the Frauded account reports, speaking of Uche.

They reveal: “We have been able to confirm exclusively that Uche (of Nigeria) is NOT Williams.”

“And more so,” the report shares, “has likely been taken for a ride by Yolanda.”

Wait, so Uche is not only not the scammer, but … Yolanda somehow is?

“She’s been talking to him in addition to Williams (and maybe other men!),” the Frauded account accuses.

“And you guys,” the report concludes, “it doesn’t make her look good.”

To be fair, it’s not that uncommon for people in online relationships to flirt with multiple people.

But it turns out that not only had Yolanda blocked Uche at one point, but he claims that he tried to warn her about Williams scamming her.

Uche says that he messaged Yolanda, telling her that when she had blocked him, he had wept.

But more pressingly, he says that he told her that Williams was definitely a scammer, appearing to know intimate details of her conversations.

(This led people to initially suspect that he was both people, simultaneously Uche and Williams, but this appears to not be the case)

Uche pointed out to Yolanda that Williams’ refusal to send her any clear video with actual lighting was evidence that he’s nothing but a fraud and a catfish.

Yolanda didn’t seem interested in Uche’s observations. So what are we supposed to make out of all of this information?

First of all, Yolanda could be deep in denial or she could be actively playing viewers, producers, and even Williams by pretending to be dumb.

Secondly, it looks like Yolanda played the field rather than settling on the first hunky guy to send her (fake) photos of himself.

What’s not clear at all is why in the world Yolanda thinks that Williams has a “British” accent.

Like … we all heard that phone conversation. The dude sounds Nigerian. Maybe Algerian. Not British. Not even with a Manchester dialect.

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