Willie Geist Called the Cops While Interviewing Tracy Morgan

Willie Geist is getting candid about an unexpected moment with Tracy Morgan.

The 45-year-old Sunday Today TV personality and journalist made an appearance on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert on Wednesday (April 14), where he reflected on the time he called the police at Tracy‘s request mid-interview in 2019.

“After we talked, we walked around outside. He wanted to show me his automobile collection. And he said, ‘Willie, did you know Lamborghini makes an SUV?’ A family-friendly, sensible SUV, [for] taking the kids to soccer and things like that. So we come around the corner, Lambo’s not there. We ask around [among] the members of the staff, ‘Is it at the car wash?’ ‘Is it getting detailed?’ ‘Does my wife have it?’ Nobody could find it. He looks me in the eye and goes, ‘Willie, call the cops. Somebody stole my Lambo,’” he recalled.

Find out what happened next…

“So I’m at Tracy Morgan‘s house, doing an interview with cameras around, and his Lambo’s been stolen. So we call the police. I’m the guy, having just met him, waving the cops down in the street,” he continued.

“They tracked it down and it turns out, his Lambo had, indeed, been stolen. So it was an eventful day with Tracy.”

Tracy Morgan is part of the cast of a highly anticipated film.

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