When Will Suga Return To BTS’ Activities? This Update Has ARMYs Thinking He’s Back

Suga has only been gone from BTS for a few weeks, but to ARMYs, it feels like it’s been forever. Performances and interviews just aren’t the same without him, and since BTS’ end-of-the-year schedule is always so packed, fans are definitely feeling the gap Suga left behind more than ever. They’ve been waiting for an update on his progress following his surgery earlier this year, and on Tuesday, Dec. 22, it finally happened. The Korean site Newsen reported Suga could be coming back to the group soon. So, when will Suga return to BTS’ activities? Let’s take a look.

According to the popular BTS fan account @choi_bts2, the Newsen report said BTS filmed a commercial with Suga on Dec. 22. If it’s true, this means the rapper will return to the group’s official activities in the near future. Apparently, the site asked Big Hit about the rumors, but the company said no report is official and they haven’t decided when Suga will come back yet. Big Hit has a habit of neither confirming nor denying reports, so ARMYs don’t know what to believe. Some fans are taking the company dodging the question as confirmation Suga’s returning, while others aren’t getting their hopes up just yet. Check out the report below.

"If bh didn’t confirm then it’s confirmed," one fan wrote.

"We’ll wait him until fullyyyyy recovered," another wrote in response.

Whether he’s coming back soon or not, ARMYs just want Suga to be OK. They’re willing to wait as much time as possible until he’s ready.

Fans should keep in mind even if BTS filmed a commercial with Suga, that may not necessarily mean he’s going to perform with the group any time soon. Filming an advertisement is way different than performing a two-hour concert. A performance takes hours of rehearsals, so that could be exhausting and even painful for someone recovering from surgery. Meanwhile, BTS’ commercials, which don’t usually involve singing or dancing, may be less taxing to do, and that’s why Suga probably felt healthy enough to make an appearance.

Although Suga likely won’t return to the stage just yet, him reportedly filming again means he’s getting better.

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