Vicky McClure shares regret over life with fiancé Jonny Owen after past relationships

Vicky McClure sings to Cher song during drive with fiancé Jonny

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Line of Duty star Vicky, 37, has gone on to become an international name after the world binge-watched the BBC legal drama during the first lockdown. However, the Nottingham born actress almost faced a different career path.

I gave up everything for a whole year just because of him

Vicky McClure

Vicky has spoken candidly of a decision that she made during her younger years as she faced hurdles securing jobs and found herself in a relationship that she didn’t enjoy.

The actress who plays DI Kate Fleming in the tense drama shared how she left acting behind for a previous partner.

Despite not naming her former boyfriend, she says that she was an “idiot” for allowing herself to give up her career for somebody.

“When you’re young, it’s all about them, what do they need, what do they want? I gave up acting. I gave up everything for a whole year just because of him,” she said.

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Speaking on the How To Fail With Elizabeth Day podcast, McClure went on to add: “I thought, ‘I need to just focus on being here’ and I moved to live in a place where I was just unhappy.”

However, Vicky admitted she made the move as she believed it was making her partner at the time happy.

“But it was all because I thought it was making him happy.

“I look back and go, ‘Wow, what an idiot’, but it’s great because I’ve learnt from it and I’ll never do it again,” she said.

Vicky added: “If you love someone, you’ll let them fly.”

Despite her turbulent relationship, Vicky has since gone on to find happiness with partner Jonny Owen, who she became engaged to on Christmas Day in 2017, with Jonny asking for Vicky’s hand in marriage as they shared a cup of tea.

Speaking of their relationship, Vicky said: “I always say to Jonny, ‘I wish I’d have met you years ago’ because I’d love to spend more time with him than the people that I did spend time with.

“We laugh because we go ‘We weren’t really the people that we are now’ and maybe if we’d have met before, we wouldn’t have connected because of who we’ve grown in to.”

The actress who kickstarted her career as Ladine Brass in A Room for Romeo Brass added: “I’m not the person I was in the relationships that I used to be in because I was like completely different.

“That’s down to the fact me and Jonny are madly in love and actually he gets me and there’s no need for bulls**t.”

Vicky and Jonny have appeared in several programmes together, most famously This Is England ’90.

Speaking of the first time they spoke, she recalled: “When we first spoke it was on the phone, I came off the phone and I just knew, I’ve never loved anyone more than I’ve loved Jonny.”

During an appearance on The Jonathan Ross Show ahead of the Line of Duty finale which airs tomorrow, Vicky said that the cast and crew are “blessed” to have such a loyal fanbase.

While fans may be stepping on eggshells as they await to discover who is behind the infamous H pseudonym, Vicky teased that the cast have been left in the dark as to whether there may be another season.

She told Jonathan Ross: “Genuinely don’t [know], we don’t know anything, not just saying it for effect.”

Line of Duty concludes on BBC One on Sunday evening.

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