Two Kangaroos Box on a Farm, Leg Kicks to the Body Permitted

Two kangaroos got into it on camera — and by the looks of how the bout went … one of them was Tyson Fury, the other was Deontay Wilder, and one got his ass kicked.

These fully-grown marsupials were going at it in a (sorta) hardcore boxing match down on a farm in Australia — and while they both seemed to be in the same weight class and have the about the same reach, one of the ‘roos certainly had the upper hand … and the upper jab!

For funsies, let’s just call these fellas Apollo Creed and Rocky Balboa (from Part I), where the former was delivering a serious beat-down, but the Stallion just kept coming back for more.

That’s kind of what’s happening here — the more proficient boxer of the kangaroos gets tons of clean hits in … and a few hard kicks to the body too, while balancing on its sturdy tail. Apparently, anything goes in the animal kingdom — it’s almost like a UFC Octagon out there.

It’s also just wild to see these creatures in action, ’cause they clearly do this type of thing all the time, and they look almost human-like as they rumble.

Anyway, we have to give this round to the Creed ‘roo … ’cause he definitely out-boxed his opponent. Now, if they’re truly like us outside of just fighting, there’ll definitely be a rematch.

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