Try Giada De Laurentiis' Quick Apricot and Salami Scones Using This Shortcut Ingredient

The natural choice for your next tea time, Food Network star Giada De Laurentiis‘ Apricot and Salami Scones bring a charcuterie board flavor profile to your plate. This is where sweet meets savory.  Here’s how to make this unforgettable flavor pairing.

What you’ll need to make these sweet and savory scones

Give De Laurentiis’ easy apricot and salami scones a go for breakfast, or any time you need a hearty snack with a cuppa. It’s an odd pairing that’s oddly satisfying. For De Laurentiis’ scones, you’ll need to have on hand: cooking spray or vegetable oil for greasing your baking sheet, unsalted butter, dried apricots, diced salami, fresh thyme, buttermilk, and — here’s the shortcut — a box of plain scone mix. The chef recommends the Ivy Cottage brand.

De Laurentiis also calls for the use of a food processor.

As the Everyday Italian star wrote about these baked treats on her lifestyle and food blog Giadzy, “These scones are like a cheese platter in a pastry and we’re obsessed. Perfect to make ahead of time for a brunch!”

How to put together these meaty, fruity baked goods

These apricot and salami scones come together pretty quickly. Preheat your oven to 400 degrees and spray a baking sheet. De Laurentiis calls for the boxed scone mix and butter to be “pulsed” in a food processor until the mix and butter begin to take on a pea-size appearance.

Move the combined mix and butter mixture to a bowl and stir in the diced fruit and chopped salami, as well as the fresh, chopped thyme and the buttermilk, “until a sticky dough forms.”

The dough is placed in “one-third cupfuls” onto the greased sheet and baked for almost 20 minutes until the scones are browned.

De Laurentiis’ fans are ready for tea time

On the Food Network website, home cooks had praise for the unusual spin on the traditional baked good.

“Loved them and have made twice. I like to send one with hubby to have for a breakfast and he loves them too with his morning coffee. I’m off to make some more right now. Yes, they are that good,” one reviewer wrote with high praise.

While the television personality suggests the use of boxed scone mix, if you don’t have any on hand, it’s perfectly fine.

Another home cook made do with what they had and got creative without scone mix: “These were a huge hit, and I’m so glad I made them! I couldn’t find scone mix at my supermarket, so I just used the dry ingredients from Alton Brown’s basic recipe instead. These were easy, tasty, and different enough that I will definitely be making them again for a potluck or bake sale!”

“I was not able to find scone mix so I made these from scratch using a buttermilk recipe I found online,” said another fan. “We loved them! The mixture of apricot and salami along with the fresh thyme was incredible.”

Try De Laurentiis’ twist on the humble scone for your next coffee break!

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