'The Mountain' Claps Back At Eddie Hall, You're Bitter I Broke Your Record

6’9″, 450 lb. Hafthor Bjornsson and 6’3″, 375-ish lb. Eddie Hall — arguably the 2 STRONGEST MEN EVER — have beef … strongman beef.

Let’s explain.

Thor aka “The Mountain” from ‘GoT’ deadlifted 1,104 lbs. on Saturday … breaking Hall’s previous world record of 1,102 lbs.

Hall — the 2017 World’s Strongest Man winner — was the first human being to break the 1,100-pound barrier in 2016 … a lift many thought was impossible.

So, what’s the issue??

Well, Eddie set his record at Giants Live World Deadlift Championships — an official meet — complete with other competitors and a packed room of rowdy fans.

Thor’s record — ’cause of the global coronavirus pandemic — was done at his home gym … which Eddie claims makes the lift and record, bogus.

We talked to Bjornsson … and uhh, let’s just say it’s clap back szn.

“I honestly just think that [Eddie] is trying to protect the thing that he had. For him, that meant a lot to him to have [1,102 lbs.] world record,” Thor tells us.

“He’s just trying everything he can to make people believe that my record doesn’t count. But, it does count. It is a world record and that’s just how it is.”

Contrary to Hall’s claim, Bjornsson says the home gym conditions actually made the lift wayyy harder … not easier.

“With my experience, and I’ve been in the sport more than a decade. When you can compete with the crowd, that gives you an adrenaline rush, and gives you the extra strength you need to perform better.”

“Doing it with just a referee, camera crew,” Thor says … “It doesn’t feel the same.”

Any way you look at it, the lift was crazy impressive … but Thor says he could’ve pulled significantly more if he wanted to truly push himself.

Just how much more?

“I can sit here and say that I could of pulled comfortably [1,124 pounds]. That’s just me being completely honest. I do believe that I could have pulled possibly, with a grind, about [1,146 pounds].”

BTW, if you dig these 2 giants — former-friends-turned-enemies — going at it … they’re boxing in Vegas next year … and The Mountain says he’s ALREADY training to beat Eddie’s ass.

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