The Best Board Games for Music Fans

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In a time when live music is on hiatus and even venturing to your local karaoke bar could be potentially dangerous (if it is even still open), fans don’t have many outlets to come together and celebrate the music they love. Music board games are the perfect way to have some fun with your favorite songs without leaving home; play with your family, or get some friends together for a Zoom-karaoke duel to get in on the fun.

Spanning genres, skills, and eras, we’ve selected the best music board games for every type of fan, from those who revel in every nostalgic detail of the MTV days to those who have come of age with James Corden’s Carpool Karaoke. Whether you prefer testing your knowledge or testing your pipes, there are fun, easy-to-play games that will keep your attention even when IRL game nights return.

1. The MTV Throwback Music Party Game

If you want your MTV, look no further. This highly-interactive board game tests your knowledge of the Eighties, Nineties, and the Aughts like no other. The goal is to be the first team to collect at least one Artist Card from all eight MTV Challenge categories: Award-Winning Videos, Best of Unplugged, Pop Anthems, Headbangers, Teenage Angst, Hip Hop Hips, Queens of MTV, and Across the Pond.

Teams face off in buzzer battle rounds to name song titles, and then, during the charades challenges, players must describe in one word, speak the lyrics or perform songs from three famous bands for their team to guess. With a job well done comes the coveted Artist Cards – and bragging rights.


2. Carpool Karaoke Game

If you take your karaoke nights seriously, and love your music streaming platforms, this is the best music game for you. Using your favorite music app or streaming service on your phone, pick a song, and challenge other players to a duel. If you’re feeling bold, you can challenge players to sing with you or show off dance moves. If your pipes need a rest, you can also challenge players to celebrity trivia. The game is also Zoom friendly; you can even incorporate social media challenges.


3. USAOPOLY Hip-Hop Bid to Win Trivia Game

Think you know hip-hop? Try this trivia game to find out for sure. Over 600 trivia questions are included, and they tackle everything from hip-hop albums, songs, culture, and history. Everyone has the opportunity to answer, so be warned that this may bring out your competitive side. The game packaging is designed to look like a boom box, and it converts into a magnetic scoreboard so you can track who really knows their stuff.


4. Endless Games Encore Board Game

This music board game is family-friendly – but only if your family isn’t afraid to sing. The goal here is simple: come up with a song that contains particular words, and then sing lines from the song that contains those words. The round continues until one team is stumped or can’t remember a song that hasn’t already been used. 48 double-sided cards, seven make-your-own blank cards, a game board, a 20-Second timer, die, pawns, and instructions are all included.


5. After Dinner Amusements: Name That Tune

Okay, so this game doesn’t actually have a board, but it does condense all the fun of your favorite board games into a tiny, pocket-sized travel pack. This tin is packed full of 50 trivia questions that will have you scratching your head, plus there will be plenty of chances to hum or sing your favorite songs – or shout out the titles if it’s your turn to guess.


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