Taylor Swift Has Furnished Plenty of Her Friends' Homes

Many of Taylor Swift’s friends have publicly gushed about how generous she is. The evermore artist has been known to make everything from baby blankets to intricate desserts for the people that she cares about. Just last year, Swift made headlines for sending her ex-boyfriend, Joe Jonas, and his wife, Sophie Turner, a gift when they welcomed their daughter, Willa Jonas, into the world. Soon after, Swift would go on to reference the irony of that unique moment in her song “Invisble String”.

Taylor Swift’s net worth allows her to be very generous to her friends

With a staggering net worth of $400 million, Swift can certianly afford to be generous to her close friends, family, and even to her loyal fans. When the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic first started affecting people in the States, Swift quietly donated thousands of dollars to several of her fans. One fan tweeted that Swift gifted her with $3,000 after seeing her tweets about being under some financial and emotional strain.

The ‘cardigan’ singer has furnished her friends’ homes

While gifting her friends often comes from a kind place, sometimes Swift’s generoisity also benefits her creatively as well. For example, the “Mr. Perfectly Fine” singer has furnished many of her friends’ homes becuase she enjoys the process of decorating. In fact, in an old interview with SiriusXM, Swift has shared that if she weren’t a musician, she might have pursued a career in interior design.

“I definitely would’ve gone to college,” Swift shared when asked what she’d be doing if she wasn’t a singer-songwriter. “I would have gone to college probably for business. And I might have ended up following my passion for shopping for furniture and been an interior decorator. Like I’ve been known to like — go into my friends’ apartments and fill it with furniture. And they get home and it’s like furnished. My friends, they don’t like — they don’t buy furniture and I love buying furniture. And like, you know, I just have such a blast with it that I think that might be something that I would love enough for like a backup career. But I would never love anything as much as doing this.”

Swift might have pursued a career in marketing and PR if she wasn’t a famous singer-songwriter

Of course, Swift’s non-muscial interests don’t begin and end with interior design. She also truly enjoys some of the buisness sides of her career. Though many people don’t know it, Swift is often the brains behind the marketing and PR for her albums and tours. In fact, Swift has also shared that if she wasn’t a musician, she’d consider pursuing a career in marketing or PR.

“I’m good with being alone, with thinking alone,” Swift shared in an interview wtih Billboard. “When I come up with a marketing idea for the Lover tour, the album launch, the merch, I’ll go right to my management company that I’ve put together.” Clearly, Swift is a woman of many talents. We’d wager that even if she wasn’t the famous Taylor Swift, she’d still be highly-successful in whatever career she chose to pursue.

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