Tallulah Willis opens up about mum Demi Moores romance with Ashton Kutcher

Demi Moore and family celebrate Bruce Willis’s birthday

Tallulah Willis has opened up about her mum Demi Moore’s “really hard” romance with ex, Ashton Kutcher.

The Hollywood pair began dating in 2003 – five years after Moore split from her daughter’s father, Die Hard actor Bruce Willis.

After marrying in 2005, Moore announced her decision to end their relationship in 2011, eventually divorcing almost two years later.

Now, speaking on Fox’s celebrity reality show, Stars on Mars, Tallulah has described her experience of growing up in the limelight without “fully understanding” how famous her parents were.

The 29-year-old added that she had a “change in perspective” once her mum got together with Kutcher, who is now married to another actress in Mila Kunis.

“It was, like, 2003, my mom had just started dating Ashton. It was that moment. There was a lot going on, and I really went inside of myself,” Willis said of her struggles to deal with her mum’s public romance.

“That did send me into, like, a total dumpster fire. It was really hard, and I’m still unpacking,” she continued.

Tallulah, who is an actress herself, added that she learned from the experience, revealing: “I found the other side of that, which is like, I really love myself now. And I love my family.”

Moore and Kutcher have both reflected on their relationship, with the latter admitting his anger at his ex-wife for the release of her 2019 memoir, Inside Out.

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In this she spoke about their romance, leaving Kutcher frustrated as he had “finally gotten to a place where the press had really laid off me and Mila [Kunis] and my life and my family”.

In July 2015 he married his That 70’s Show co-star Mila, 39, and they have two children together, Wyatt, eight, and Dimitri, six.

He later admitted to Esquire he was “f*****g p****d” about the release of the memoir, as the following day members of the media were at “my kid’s school”.

Despite his rage at the time, however, he maintains that he has no “hard feelings” towards his ex.

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