Stripper Who Fell Off 15-Foot Pole Sucks Down Wings After Jaw Wires Removed

Genea Sky, the exotic dancer who crashed down off a 15-foot stripper pole, is at a juicy new stage of her recovery — she’s eating wings again!!! But, the game’s changed a bit for her.

You’ll recall Genea was forced to have her jaw wired shut after that super-scary plunge at a Texas strip club. She tells us the wires were just removed from her jaw last week — but she’s nowhere near having full function of her mouth yet.

Genea says she can eat solid food, but she is NOT allowed to chew for at least another 4 weeks. That’s quite the conundrum because she’s been jonesin’ for chicken wings.

Watch the video, though … she’s figured out a system to break down her favorite appetizer. It’s a slow, but pretty hot process to observe — from a foodie perspective, of course.

As we reported … Genea — who quit stripping after the incident — suffered a fractured jaw, cracked some of her teeth and sprained her ankle. She’ll visit the dentist next week to see what other work she might need.

For now, at least the wires are off, and she’s a few bites closer to being a food critic.

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