Sting Admits His Six Children Were All ‘Accidents’

After 27 years of married life with actress Trudie Styler and eight years with Frances Tomelty, Sting admits that he became a dad to six children in those relationships by accident.

“I never intended to be a dad,” the former Police frontman said in an interview with People Magazine. “I became a dad by accident six times — that’s how smart I am.”

“Yet they were the happiest accidents of my life because they’re remarkable human beings,” Sting added, referring to the four children born to Styler and two children that Tomelty delivered.

“I can’t really take much credit for that, but they are, and they too have produced seven grandchildren at this point, who are also wonderful. So all of this has happened by accident. I didn’t intend to be the patriarch of a tribe, but I am,” he continued.

His marriage with Styler lasting this long is “kind of a miracle,” according to Sting.

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