Starbucks Ditches Reusable Cups, Communal Items in Wake of Coronavirus

Starbucks customers are being tasked with a tall order — to leave their reusable cups at home to help stem the spread of the coronavirus.

There are stores all over that have posted signs telling customers it has temporarily paused the use of reusable cups. The store added, “In addition to sanitizing procedures in all our stores, this is one more step we can all take to prevent the spread of coronavirus (COVID-19).”

And, get this … we’re told that at some Starbucks, stores have also pulled the communal milks, creams and sugars. Customers at those particular stores must ask baristas for the additives.

The coffee giant clearly feels minimizing contact between employees and customers — less customer-to-employee cup exchange — will help stop spreading germs. Same with the milks, stirrers and sugars … no need for every customer to literally get their hands on them.

As we reported … Starbucks is considering shutting down in-store operations and limiting access to mobile/drive-thru only to combat the spread of the virus. It may also reconfigure its seating arrangement to comply with social distancing … or, worst-case scenario, shut down altogether.

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