Sister Wives Stars Meet 90 Day Fiance Couple, Tease Amazing Spinoff

Brace yourselves, reality TV fans.

The show you never knew you even wanted may soon be made into a … well… reality.

On Monday, TLC universes collided when 90 Day Fiance stars Kalani Faagata and Asuelu Pulaa were out to brunch in Utah when they ran into fellow cable network stalwarts Kody Brown and Robyn Brown.

What a coincidence, right?!?

The latter couple was reportedly in town in response to a family emergency to which they were alerted by daughter Mykeltki, who lives in Saint George, Utah — which is located just a few minutes away from where Kalani and Asuelu reside.

(The basis for this emergency is unknown, but Mykeltki said on Facebook that it was unrelated to any Browns.)

Naturally, we hope everything is okay between Mykeltki and her in-laws.

But the true focus of this post is on what Kalani wrote as a caption to the photo above.

“90 Day Sister Wives? Sister Fiancés? I don’t know what we’d call our spinoff, but I do know it’d be,” she wrote, adding:

“It was such a treat meeting Robyn & Kody today! What are the odds that we would all be brunching at the same place?!

“It’s always fun meeting fellow members of the TLC family, especially ones that I’ve been watching for years!”

Yes, folks, you read that correctly:

Kalani may have been joking around, but said joke has captured our attention and piqued our interest.

Could 90 Day Fiance and Sister Wives really merge? What would a spinoff between these programs actually look like?

At first glance, of course, there seems to be little in common between the shows.

But let’s look a little bit closer, shall we?

Neither series really respects the institution of marriage very much, right?

Just consider: folks on 90 Day Fiance know each other for three months before needing to make a major decision about their romantic future…

… while Sister Wives treats marriage like an arrangement in which the man gets everything he wants and the women are treated like little more than baby deliver systems.

Perhaps Kody, who may be seeking a fifth wife, could give potential spouse candidates 90 days or so to prove their worth to him? Before he decides whether to include them in his polygamous plans or not?

We’re just spitballing here.

But while we try to determine whether a spinoff could actually happen, we’re sure TLC executives were glad to see Kalani at least promoting her network’s lineup. 

“Don’t forget to tune in to Sister Wives tonight at 10 PM, then watch us right after on Pillow Talk,” she concluded in her caption.

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