Simon Cowell Wears Surgical Back Brace Two Years After E-Bike Accident

In addition to that, it’s reported that the longtime ‘America’s Got Talent’ judge is currently suffering from laryngitis and has ‘completely lost his voice.’

AceShowbizSimon Cowell is apparently still on the mend. The longtime “America’s Got Talent” judge reportedly wears a surgical back brace to aid his recovery two years after his electronic bike accident.

The 63-year-old music mogul was spotted filming “America’s Got Talent” in Los Angeles on Thursday, March 30. In photos surfacing online, he could be seen slimmer than ever as he wore the surgical back brace.

Sources spilled to Daily Mail that Simon has to wear the medical devices to help him recover from the injury after nearly paralyzing himself in the accident. The insiders also said that he’s currently suffering from laryngitis and has “completely lost his voice,” which has made for a chaotic first three days of filming.

“He’s been silent all week so far. He has laryngitis and he’s under orders not to speak or even whisper,” said one of the sources. “He’s been at filming for ‘AGT’ and he’s had to write notes for [fellow judge] Sofia Vergara to read out. Of course she changes them occasionally!”

The source added, “Yesterday after three days of writing notes, they finally gave him an iPad with a load of his own pre-programmed lines which he kind of loved, because he could interrupt the other judges and press repeat.” The informant further shared, “Occasionally he’d press the wrong keys, especially when he pressed ‘I want to kiss you’ by mistake.”

The so-called insider also said that Sofia “has been calling herself his ‘translator’ and suggested he should double her money for the extra work,” adding, “Fortunately the contestants are often great and he doesn’t need to speak anyway when it’s a buzzer (a no vote).” The source then pointed out, “He’s on the mend, we hope, and they reckon as long as he keeps totally quiet for a few more days he will at least be able to whisper.”

Simon broke his back in 2020 in a fall from an electric bike he was testing at his home in Malibu, California. He had six hours of surgery. There was another setback after he fell from his bike again a year later.

Despite the horror accidents, Simon’s [u=/news/view/00183360.htmlstill riding[u] his e-bike. “I actually went on one yesterday and I went out in the road, but I thought, the expression, ‘you gotta get back on your bike?’ So, I thought, ‘I am just going to get back on my bike,’ so I did,” so “The X Factor” judge said in February last year. “I was with Eric [his son], he spotted me. He went crazy. I had to get off the bike and walk him back to my hotel room.”

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