Si King ‘comfortable’ working alone as Dave Myers focuses on health

Dave Myers: Hairy Bikers star gives update on his cancer treatment

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Si King, 56, is set to appear at Tom Kerridge’s popular food festival Pub in the Park this year, but without his TV partner in crime, Dave Myers, 65, by his side. It comes after Dave was diagnosed with an undisclosed form of cancer in 2022, meaning he had to take a step back from work for a while.

Fans are used to seeing Dave and Si working together on all food-related projects as The Hairy Bikers.

However, in an exclusive interview with, fellow chef Tom has insisted Si is “very comfortable” in getting on with solo work while Dave focuses on his health and recovery.

When quizzed on if Si is ever apprehensive about working on his own, Tom divulged: “I can’t really speak on Si’s behalf.

“But knowing Simon, he’s a very comfortable, super lovely character.

“So, without being rude about his age, he has been doing it for quite a while.

“So he’s got used to it,” the Michelin-starred cook revealed.

Tom is the brains behind the food, music and drink festival, which is coming to various locations around the UK this summer.

He explained to that Si will be cooking on his own at the event while Dave concentrates on “getting back on his feet”.

Tom added: “So they’re very, very close friends.

“Si did a couple for us last year when Dave was still getting better and finding himself and getting back on his feet.

“Dave is more than welcome at any point, and him and Si are great mates.

“But it is a case of, I think, making sure that Dave is in his best possible health in the way he can be.”

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Tom also shared that Dave was “massively improving” when he last spoke with the TV presenter.

The star went on to share how he achieves the warm and friendly vibe at the annual festival.

Pub in the Park will be celebrating its seventh year in 2023, with the event going from strength to strength.

Tom admitted that despite rumours of rivalry between TV chefs, “everyone really gets on”.

Sharing secrets behind the festival’s atmosphere, he spilled: “Genuinely everyone really gets on.

“The reason for that is we work very, very hard to try and create an environment that has an energy and an atmosphere that people enjoy being a part of and being around.

“It’s about hanging out with your mates in the park – we’re all mates.

“And that vibe is really important, I think, for the guests coming through the door, and people coming into the park.

“That’s where it becomes so important that we try to create that energy, and you can only do this if that energy is amongst people who are friends.”

Tom Kerridge will be hosting various locations across Pub in the Park. The ultimate food and music festival will be touring ten UK locations this Summer. Visit for tickets and further information.

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