‘Shut up you ignoramus!’ Eamonn Holmes fires back at claim he ‘wanted nurse as a servant’

This Morning: Eamonn Holmes jokes about 'nobody watching' show

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This Morning star Eamonn Holmes, 61, has taken to Twitter to fire back at a social media user who claimed that the star said he wanted to “hire a nurse as his servant around the house”. The ITV star didn’t hold back as he hit back at the bizarre claim, while branding it “f**king lies.”

Shut up you ignoramus

Eamonn Holmes

The This Morning presenter, who is currently co-hosting alongside his wife Ruth Langsford for the whole of August, found himself embroiled in an argument on Twitter.

After a social media user raised concerns about practice nurses performing the duties of advanced nurse practitioners, they soon pulled the ITV star into the debate.

They wrote: “Did you see @thismorning last month when @EamonnHolmes said he would ‘hire a nurse’ as his servant around the house.

“The word ‘nurse’ sadly has been far too abused and destroyed by people in the media who see us as handmaidens and not graduates. RNs need a new word.” (sic)

Another Twitter user said that the word needed to be “reclaimed”, to which the original poster agreed.

They replied: “Agree. It’s not the first time @EamonnHolmes has put the nursing profession down.”

But after Eamonn spotted the Tweet that he was tagged in, he didn’t hold back as he accused the social media user of “misrepresentation.”

Furious, the Irish TV presenter wrote back: “Don’t come on here and misrepresent me. How dare you! Quote these misdemeanours.

“F*****g lies. Typical of how lies grow. If I was [you] I’d think of taking this post down,” he suggested.

Eamonn ended his post: “Why do people like u attack the good guys?” (sic).

But the Twitter user didn’t back down and demanded an apology from the ITV presenter.

They wrote: “Check your inbox. I messaged you on the day you made the comment on This Morning.

“Really out of order and you should apologise.”

Even more infuriated by the exchange, Eamonn went on to blast the social media user again.

He penned: “Shut up u ignoramus. (sic)

“I have and have had need of nursing. I know what’s involved.” (sic)

The This Morning star has no doubt had his fair share of being looked after by nurses over the past few months, as he has documented his ongoing battle with chronic pain.

The star revealed the discs in his back have “eroded”, and therefore sitting down is increasingly difficult for him.

Eamonn has been battling chronic pain for a long time, after dislocating his pelvis, but in recent months has been left unable to sleep.

He told the Irish Independent that the injury happened “mysteriously”, and his back is now “out of alignment” because of it.

“I mysteriously dislocated my pelvis and I don’t know how – it’s not as erotic as it sounds,” he said.

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