Rapper Benny The Butcher Shot During Attempted Robbery In Texas Walmart Parking Lot

The New York native and recording artist Benny the Butcher is the latest rapper to suffer a gunshot wound during a shooting in the state of Texas this week! What is going on?!

The NYC native was apparently down in the Houston area this weekend for some reason when he chose to visit a Walmart store in the city at some point on Saturday evening. While there, out in the parking lot still in the car with a couple of his friends in tow, he was approached by a car with multiple men inside.

According to TMZ, the guys inside the car demanded jewelry and money from Benny the Butcher and his entourage. Apparently, the victims were moving too slowly for the assailants’ liking, or something, because soon thereafter one of the five attempted robbers “fired a round into Benny’s leg,” according to the outlet.

At that point, the attempted robbers chose to flee the scene without their loot. Benny’s entourage fled in their car, as well, and eventually pulled over and called the police to report the shooting. Benny was immediately taken to a local hospital for treatment, though his condition is unknown to the public at this time.

Houston PD says the cops who attempted the robbery are also at large right now, and have not been captured. However, an investigation is currently underway.

As you’ll recall, this is at least the third shooting of a rapper in Texas in the past week. The rapper Mo3 was murdered in the Dallas area earlier this week, leading to outrage and grief in the music community. Then, Baton Rouge rapper Boosie Badazz — who had been visiting Dallas to pay his respects to Mo3 after his death — was shot in the leg during some type of incident at a strip mall in the Dallas area on Saturday. Just hours later, then, Benny the Butcher was shot in another incident here down in Houston, a three-plus hour drive from Dallas.

Popular rapper King Von was also shot and killed earlier this week, during an incident outside a club in Atlanta, Georgia. Not a good week at all…

It is unclear whether any or all of the shootings are connected to each other, but whatever the case, we just hope that the police sort everything out in all the cases here and can bring some of these shooters to justice. Even more than that, too, we hope Benny and Boosie both fully recover from their wounds sustained during these scary incidents. Ugh!!

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